Monday, September 29, 2014

Heritage Week In South Africa!

Okay, to answer your questions - I don't want anything cause I have so much stuff that it's getting crazy :P (Tell me when my Lesotho package gets should be there very soon I hope. I sent it a long time ago). I eat pap and chicken and noodles and eggs and stuff like that oh and don't even forget the rice....AHHHHH chicken and rice hahaha but it's alright I'm going to make pap for you when I’m home but do you know where I can get mealy meal? (Powdered ground corn). Oh and I'm in Africa......I don't get much food to build me up :P So I'm about the same weight if I had to guess.....
 So we've been working really hard here in Ezakheni and we have seen people come back to church and also others coming to the waters of Baptism. We started an investigators class when we arrived and it's going well.
The picture was taken on Heritage day, (Brandi’s birthday)!!!! That was fun! I was dressed in my Zulu stuff and that's my companion on the end I believe :) We got a LOT of respect haha I did the Zulu dance as well and learned my surname's praise name :) Ndlovu (elaphant) gatsheni, boyabenyathi, obsonga, busombuluke. haha it goes on so I’ll have to learn the rest haha. We also played egg toss and 30 seconds and other games. MANY people came! We had a nice week and we are just continuing on.
BTW, enjoy the's cold and rainy here :P Love you all!
Thanks for going to the conference with the coolest people ever :)
Elder W. Clay Petrie
Hlakanipo Ndlovu Gatsheni, boyabenyathi, obsonga, busombuluke

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