Monday, September 29, 2014

Heritage Week In South Africa!

Okay, to answer your questions - I don't want anything cause I have so much stuff that it's getting crazy :P (Tell me when my Lesotho package gets should be there very soon I hope. I sent it a long time ago). I eat pap and chicken and noodles and eggs and stuff like that oh and don't even forget the rice....AHHHHH chicken and rice hahaha but it's alright I'm going to make pap for you when I’m home but do you know where I can get mealy meal? (Powdered ground corn). Oh and I'm in Africa......I don't get much food to build me up :P So I'm about the same weight if I had to guess.....
 So we've been working really hard here in Ezakheni and we have seen people come back to church and also others coming to the waters of Baptism. We started an investigators class when we arrived and it's going well.
The picture was taken on Heritage day, (Brandi’s birthday)!!!! That was fun! I was dressed in my Zulu stuff and that's my companion on the end I believe :) We got a LOT of respect haha I did the Zulu dance as well and learned my surname's praise name :) Ndlovu (elaphant) gatsheni, boyabenyathi, obsonga, busombuluke. haha it goes on so I’ll have to learn the rest haha. We also played egg toss and 30 seconds and other games. MANY people came! We had a nice week and we are just continuing on.
BTW, enjoy the's cold and rainy here :P Love you all!
Thanks for going to the conference with the coolest people ever :)
Elder W. Clay Petrie
Hlakanipo Ndlovu Gatsheni, boyabenyathi, obsonga, busombuluke

Monday, September 22, 2014

Happy Birthday Brandi . . . And a place called Ezakheni!


Soooo yes sawubona is a hello kinda. So, the language you heard in that movie, (The Forgotten Kingdom)....yep I speak that :) haha But they don't really click in Sesotho so it's not as fun. But it's cool :) I want to watch that movie with you all when I get home to tell you about the places it shows cause it's probably places I've been!   Apparently there are no missionaries in Lesotho right now though!

This week I have been with my same companion in a place called Ezakheni. It's a place with a lot of Zulus, and on the map it's by a place called Mnambiti or in English Ladysmith. It's great! They have a LOT of members here about 130 attend. We had more than that on Sunday. I love Zulus! haha 

My companion and I have just been working with members and less actives.....good people here though! People are already returning :) It's GREAT! And there is a guy that is looking at the church that has read to the book of Mosiah in just 3 weeks! He loves the Book of Mormon :) Yesssss!  Not much more to report this week. This month is Heritage month and its Heritage day on Wednesday :) So I dare all of you to wear cultural stuff and use it as a missionary tool ;) hahaha And just have fun with it!!!! 
I'm living in a nice place but it's cramped with 5 other missionaries....2 bathrooms.....6 missionaries.....doesn't work :P hahaha 
So, I Love you all and have a great week!!!
Elder Petrie

Monday, September 15, 2014

Opening a Different Area!

That was the coolest story of Charlotte's birth and Jon's surprise return! I feel like I was able to be there just seeing the pictures and reading about it :) Jon is my hero, I'm glad he is back! It's those things that make the world good. It's nice to see the great good in a world that can be so bad! :) 
Yes, my clothes are wearing but they'll hold, and no,  we don't have a way to heat our food so we just eat cold food but that will change because we're leaving! President explained to us before transfers that we would stay companions, go open a different area, and return to uLundi when it is ready to open and start the work. He explained that prior to its opening, we would have to make a report to the Area Presidency, they will present it to Elder Bednar and then he will make the desicion whether it's opened or not. (Obviously under the direction of the head of the church, Jesus Christ). It really is a line of authority to our Savior Jesus Christ....and when you're the bottom of that chain of authority, it's a long line that takes time but it's all part of the Lords plan and timing :) 
So we were able to find out a LOT about Zulu Culture this week. So I'm more Zulu than some Zulus! haha Mina ngiyadlula amazulu! ha 
So anyways I am excited to be able to testify again! Oh and this month is the month of heritage for South Africa so get ready for some colorful pctures soon :) 
I'm so happy for Krista and Jon and Lindsey and Sadie and Kailey and Jackson and now CHARLY!!!! WOW! Ncaaaaaah!!!!!! The new one! iNgane ncane! Uthandekayo! That's a nice family :) 
I love you all and hope you have a nice week.  Stay well and have a great week!!

PS I wish I could've been with you when you saw the guy with the Zulu sticker! I could've spoken to him and we would have BOTH been happy! :) Love you! Oh if you see someone like that greet them saying Sawubona. (pronounced like sa-oo-bow-nah) DO IT!
iNkosi uPetrie

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Keeping our fingers crossed for uLundi

So last I heard President said that we're keeping our fingers crossed but we'll see what happens.....OH! What happened to Dad??!??!?! Did he go skiing? Was it a gnarly fall??? :) haha He ok?
  Mom, I like that quote from the General Authority...."what's easy is already done! "
 So, Elder Mathebula and I are just waiting. We got all the information we could from the municipality offices and such. We helped out on the farm once more and I helped wire more of the house. This time some other Elders came and helped. There was a party called the Reed Dance going on by us, but we didn't go. hahaha  That day uLundi was busy! 
 I taught youth class and Young Mens this week at a branch in another was fun. All the classes are held outside the school on the field and all the classes ended with fun games....everyone else was jealous they weren't in the class ;) hahaha 
So really.....not much happened this week. I found a little spare time and while We're waiting for answers I carved myself a warclub :) Don't worry I'll make many back home haha, the Zulu's taught me how to make them. Love you all and hope you have a great week!!!!! 
Elder Petrie

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Praying for uLundi!

Those stories in the bible are great mama! haha sometimes I wonder if Jonah had to wait on a presidency for authority...........haha
We are moving into the flat in uLundi this week...maybe today. Today we also had to take our bakkie (truck) for service and we're in this Afrikaans prominent city called Vryheid. So the mechanic yelled at me in Afrikaans cause I wasn't answering him....he didn't know I didn't understand a word he said, I guess he figured it out by my distorted face...haha It was pretty funny though :P
Also, I was able to have interviews with President. I really really admire that man. We talked a lot about uLundi and we were able to clarify our spiritual experiences about that place. We feel like it's so ready but we are waiting on approval... It's OK. It's all the Lord's will, we are just waiting at the moment to see if we will be able to  preach the Gospel and are continuing to obtain the information needed....not my favorite thing....aha
So I have made up my mind.......I'm getting a farm. That's the end of it. I'm getting a farm in Africa :)
Well I love you all! Have a great week and I'll talk to you later. Salani kahle!
Elder Petrie