Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Keeping our fingers crossed for uLundi

So last I heard President said that we're keeping our fingers crossed but we'll see what happens.....OH! What happened to Dad??!??!?! Did he go skiing? Was it a gnarly fall??? :) haha He ok?
  Mom, I like that quote from the General Authority...."what's easy is already done! "
 So, Elder Mathebula and I are just waiting. We got all the information we could from the municipality offices and such. We helped out on the farm once more and I helped wire more of the house. This time some other Elders came and helped. There was a party called the Reed Dance going on by us, but we didn't go. hahaha  That day uLundi was busy! 
 I taught youth class and Young Mens this week at a branch in another location.....it was fun. All the classes are held outside the school on the field and all the classes ended with fun games....everyone else was jealous they weren't in the class ;) hahaha 
So really.....not much happened this week. I found a little spare time and while We're waiting for answers I carved myself a warclub :) Don't worry I'll make many back home haha, the Zulu's taught me how to make them. Love you all and hope you have a great week!!!!! 
Elder Petrie

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