Monday, June 30, 2014

Fishing and sledding in the snow!

WOW! Thanks for letting me know about Grandpa. My comments that have been shared of Grandpa's death have not changed. I not only believe but KNOW, he has stepped further into our Fathers plan for us and is furthering the work of the Lord on the other side of the veil. It gives the phrase, "His truth is marching on." a whole new meaning.
So from what I've been told and see, Lesotho has calmed down but it was never too crazy.
My companion is still Elder Bonner and we are getting along. I have learned that even if there are disagreements, it's best to solve them right then and there or the Spirit is gone and you're of no use to our Fathers work or plan. You have fallen into a state of non progression and you are there as long as you want to be. When you are ready to take the Saviors hand and repent and use of his merciful atonement....HE IS THERE. My companion called me Jeffery R. Holland's son this week when we taught this Mme about the choice she must make on her own. She must choose to follow the Savior on her own or it wouldn't mean a thing. She said next time she'll tell us the answer. I told her next time won't come. You have been able to think and pray and study and the time to choose is at hand. She talked a little and we promised to come back the next day with a member recently baptized so she can ask questions about choosing to be baptized into the Lords fold through proper priesthood. Well, the meeting the next day went well. We gave her a blessing due to illness and she was better! We felt the Spirit so much! WOW!
Another Mme will be baptized next week. Should have been yesterday but a religious school made it mandatory for everyone to get their child's test results and talk with teachers on comment there....Well, I love you all so much and I hope you have a great week! As for I'm fishing and sledding in the snow :) Love you!!!!!
Elder Petrie
PS I wish I could be there at Grandpa’s funeral to play a song on the Harmonica....I'll be there today in Spirit. Love you all.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Christmas in June!!

Oh Grandpa! I sure love him...My prayers have been with him!
Well this week was pretty cool; we have witnessed some miracles. I was able to speak with the Spirit. The reason I know this is because I said things that were totally beyond my own thinking! Let me explain, my companion was telling me that during a lesson we were teaching that he felt that I had I answered some questions with the "tongue of angels." Haha He's a cool guy. Good thing too cause I am staying for 6 more weeks! YES! I'll be staying through the whole of winter here! EISH! Hahaha I also got to do an interview and it was awesome; very spiritual. I’m sure many of you know that when we are on our mission’s we study the scriptures for many hours a day, helping us have the Holy Ghost as our constant companion, (and also helping us set up a great habit for life)! My studies include a lot from the Bible to go along with the Book of Mormon. Together they answer so many questions and concerns in the world today. I love this work! It's cool. I get to feel so close to our Savior and bring His message of happiness to everyone!
We went to Qiloane Falls last week and hiked a LONG time!!!! But not many people have seen it! We actually dunked our heads in ice covered water... (The part where there was no ice....duh) Haha It was awesome though one of my friends fell through the ice. Hahahaha it was funny while he was slipping up the ice and falling back in :) Hahaha A lot of the African Elders got to see ice and snow for the first time. :)  So we had a nice trip.
I played with the National Rugby Team of Lesotho and they wanted Elder Ah Sue and I to come back and help their team. They asked if we could come every day, but we explained we were missionaries and so they had us pray. It was sweet. They wanted us to join the team Haha Eish Lesotho.
Well, Lesotho is in a conflict now so we are advised by our Mission President to evacuate if things get bad.
Soooooo, the work is really moving on here, except that the World Cup is going on so it's hard to see people right now, but we are trying.
We were able to play in the snow and I finally got gloves yay! :) Haha Today we are just braaiing....or BBQing all dang day its great cause some Elders are leaving :( Oh well....
Well, I love you all! This week was great cause I get to stay with Elder Bonner and continue to work HARD! If I could I would proclaim to the ends of the Earth that there is NO DOUBT THIS CHURCH IS THE RESTORED CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST WITH ALL OF IT'S PRINCIPALS AND POWERS BACK ON THE EARTH!!!!!! Love you all and have a great week!
Love, Elder Petrie

Monday, June 9, 2014

IT SNOWED . . .June 9, 2014

IT SNOWED!!!! It's sooooooooooo cold here. I was on an exchange and we got bunked then it started snowing! I took a video and several pictures. Since we walk alot more we were just getting poured on with snow! It was cold in the houses too! I wear my blanket and take it everywhere now cause it's too cold. Like serious. Eish! haha 
Soooo, this week was cool. We started with a GPS meeting. I set up a course and let the other Elders navigate it..since I was in charge of the GPS stuff I made the course through mountains and rivers and stuff :) It was fun! Haha But we have to use those here because people don't have addresses. Some addresses include, "In Masianokeng opposite of the highschool"....Serious. Getting directions is the hardest thing here, haha so we use GPS haha.  
We have been talking with everyone and working SOOOO HARD, but we also have been doing some cool service. We have been raising the amount of dirt in someones yard to cover the foundation...CRAZY!!!! It was cool. But a lot of hard work. We have had some really spiritual moments also...Most include the use of the first lesson on the Prophet Joseph Smith. This week has really confirmed to me, without a doubt.....THIS IS TRUE! I know it and I would hold that in front of rulers, kings, and anyone. I love this gospel. It is our way to our Father...through our Savior. The Lord is really helping us in His work as we continue working so hard! Eish! Haha we walk a LOT and it's so cold but some times I don't feel the cold because of the spirit. But....I do during planning...It's cold :P haha Yesterday I was able to testify that this gospel and especially the Book of Mormon is true. The MOST true book that ever has existed because it was translated by the power of GOD! I love this work and I love my Savior. 
So this morning we went to the top of a mountain and cooked was pretty cool :) I love the outdoors. Well, I love you all! Have a great week! LOVE YOU
Elder Petrie

June 2, 2014 . . .Oops a week late!

So this week was a HARD working week. We have been walking a
 LOT and talking with EVERYONE that passes by! We have contacted some
 great people! Even one of the Chiefs! So yea. Mission is going good
 for now though there have been many people that aren't serious
 too.....But that's ok cause we see so many people now...We just find the
 ones prepared by the Lord. We ended up singing hymns on the side of
 the road and I played the guitar. (My companions idea) we have done
 sooooooo many creative things haha. We are working to futher
 the work here the hardest we can. I go to bed early every night now
 cause I'm sooo tired ha. But's hard. Not too much to report
 though. The woman that was hurt from the accident is back and we are
 visiting her again. She is awesome. 
How are things going there? 
People are graduating that's crazy! haha Tell Chase I wish him the best of
 luck! haha That guy hahaha. 
It's getting very cold here but at night I just walk with my blanket haha :) Well, I love you all and hope you have a nice week! Sorry this week was So short. 
I'm really good friends with an Elder Ah Sue from Hawaii! Mom.....told you I was polynesian. Love you!
 Elder Petrie

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Grandpa, One of My Heros!

Yes Elder Allen is in Durban! I miss that guy soooooooooooo much! I can't wait to see him again. He's my brother. HEY!!! BIG NEWS! Swaziland is no longer part of this mission :( It's in Mozambique and the Elders that were there are gone to that mission now!!! What the heck! hahaha That came straight from  the First Presidency I guess.
 So my new companion is a song writer and worked in California with some pretty big name people in the pop business. I love this guy. He and I have been working really hard and we have seen some great things happen. He has been out about 4 and a half months. We also have a new addition to the district that I have worked with before. He is Elder Rajoanarison from Madagascar. My first District Leader. 
So I gave a talk in church yesterday. It was a last minute thing but it was nice; about forgiveness. Forgiveness we receive from Heavenly Father because of our Savior and also the forgiveness we need to give to each other. 
I am able to speak Sesotho and understand it very very well now. It finally clicked. 
So I think most of my time will be given to this story: I remember Grandpa as one of the funniest and hard working men I know. He used to have me ride on the lawn mower and I remember that even until today! He seemed like a super hero as he steered what seemed like a big machine at the time. He was awesome!  I remember (as he had frequent visits) the sense of humor he always brought. He was always a center of strength for me as well with the gospel. He seemed to me as an unshakable example of service and love for the Lord. He also was so musical. He played the harmonica sooooo well. I still think back and wonder how he did that. His Spanish songs were also nice. I remember during those summers when I would look forward to going to the mountains to spend time in Grandpa's cabin in Strawberry! He was such a great man and I love him. I know that when his time is up in this phase of our Fathers plan that he will be a great help in the continuous work of our Father for the rest of his children. He will always keep his somewhat stubborn faith and I'm glad I could rely on it for a time. 
Well, I love you all so very much and I hope you all have a good week! I miss you!!!
Elder Petrie