Monday, June 23, 2014

Christmas in June!!

Oh Grandpa! I sure love him...My prayers have been with him!
Well this week was pretty cool; we have witnessed some miracles. I was able to speak with the Spirit. The reason I know this is because I said things that were totally beyond my own thinking! Let me explain, my companion was telling me that during a lesson we were teaching that he felt that I had I answered some questions with the "tongue of angels." Haha He's a cool guy. Good thing too cause I am staying for 6 more weeks! YES! I'll be staying through the whole of winter here! EISH! Hahaha I also got to do an interview and it was awesome; very spiritual. I’m sure many of you know that when we are on our mission’s we study the scriptures for many hours a day, helping us have the Holy Ghost as our constant companion, (and also helping us set up a great habit for life)! My studies include a lot from the Bible to go along with the Book of Mormon. Together they answer so many questions and concerns in the world today. I love this work! It's cool. I get to feel so close to our Savior and bring His message of happiness to everyone!
We went to Qiloane Falls last week and hiked a LONG time!!!! But not many people have seen it! We actually dunked our heads in ice covered water... (The part where there was no ice....duh) Haha It was awesome though one of my friends fell through the ice. Hahahaha it was funny while he was slipping up the ice and falling back in :) Hahaha A lot of the African Elders got to see ice and snow for the first time. :)  So we had a nice trip.
I played with the National Rugby Team of Lesotho and they wanted Elder Ah Sue and I to come back and help their team. They asked if we could come every day, but we explained we were missionaries and so they had us pray. It was sweet. They wanted us to join the team Haha Eish Lesotho.
Well, Lesotho is in a conflict now so we are advised by our Mission President to evacuate if things get bad.
Soooooo, the work is really moving on here, except that the World Cup is going on so it's hard to see people right now, but we are trying.
We were able to play in the snow and I finally got gloves yay! :) Haha Today we are just braaiing....or BBQing all dang day its great cause some Elders are leaving :( Oh well....
Well, I love you all! This week was great cause I get to stay with Elder Bonner and continue to work HARD! If I could I would proclaim to the ends of the Earth that there is NO DOUBT THIS CHURCH IS THE RESTORED CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST WITH ALL OF IT'S PRINCIPALS AND POWERS BACK ON THE EARTH!!!!!! Love you all and have a great week!
Love, Elder Petrie

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