Monday, June 9, 2014

IT SNOWED . . .June 9, 2014

IT SNOWED!!!! It's sooooooooooo cold here. I was on an exchange and we got bunked then it started snowing! I took a video and several pictures. Since we walk alot more we were just getting poured on with snow! It was cold in the houses too! I wear my blanket and take it everywhere now cause it's too cold. Like serious. Eish! haha 
Soooo, this week was cool. We started with a GPS meeting. I set up a course and let the other Elders navigate it..since I was in charge of the GPS stuff I made the course through mountains and rivers and stuff :) It was fun! Haha But we have to use those here because people don't have addresses. Some addresses include, "In Masianokeng opposite of the highschool"....Serious. Getting directions is the hardest thing here, haha so we use GPS haha.  
We have been talking with everyone and working SOOOO HARD, but we also have been doing some cool service. We have been raising the amount of dirt in someones yard to cover the foundation...CRAZY!!!! It was cool. But a lot of hard work. We have had some really spiritual moments also...Most include the use of the first lesson on the Prophet Joseph Smith. This week has really confirmed to me, without a doubt.....THIS IS TRUE! I know it and I would hold that in front of rulers, kings, and anyone. I love this gospel. It is our way to our Father...through our Savior. The Lord is really helping us in His work as we continue working so hard! Eish! Haha we walk a LOT and it's so cold but some times I don't feel the cold because of the spirit. But....I do during planning...It's cold :P haha Yesterday I was able to testify that this gospel and especially the Book of Mormon is true. The MOST true book that ever has existed because it was translated by the power of GOD! I love this work and I love my Savior. 
So this morning we went to the top of a mountain and cooked was pretty cool :) I love the outdoors. Well, I love you all! Have a great week! LOVE YOU
Elder Petrie

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