Monday, January 26, 2015

January 26, 2015 - A New Area

Hello everyone! :) So I have a new companion from Colorado named Elder Preator!  
It rains here a little but it’s really really hot! It’s by the coast and the closest missionaries are about 50 kilometers away (approx. 32 miles). We have a nice time :)
So we are going to start teaching here in the townships....I like this place, its different; it's a city and I’m not used to that on my mission!
We are working with a brother that is Zulu who is like the bomb! He is teaching me martial arts. :) haha He is a great member. :) So we are hoping to start a group in another far away township.
It's very nice here for sure.....just hot. I think this area has a LOT of potential. :)
So the Branch here has many different cultures. I’m not used to that either, on my mission. The Zulus understand me and the others think (with my accent) that I'm from Europe. ;) haha.
So by the way, I'm still enjoying my deep studies of the New Testament and as well the words of Isaiah.
OH, and I went to a game park last P (preparation) day too and when I got out looking at something the Elders (that remained in Ladysmith) drove away and left me for a few seconds and I was stranded with all the animals.... hahaha crazy! We also took pictures with a Rhino :) hahaha
Well, I don't have too much time but I love you!!!! Have a nice day!!! And week! :) Love you!!!!!
Elder Petrie

Monday, January 19, 2015

Kwa Dukuza (Stanger) here we come!

I GOT MY CHRISTMAS PACKAGE!!! :) I loved the chocolates and they're gone now but I lived off all the meals and they were AWESOME! :)
I'm glad you like Disney World.....Me, I like anywhere I can wear a light saber!:P hahaha
So yea mom!! Rugby was SWEET!!!!! I got to play touch and ya know....I enjoyed it too much haha I still got it, at least a little bit of it. Haha ;)
So I got last area Ezakheni has had four missionaries but now they will only have two, Both my companion and I are leaving....I'm going to Stanger, or Kwa Dukuza, and it's the edge of Zulu land near Durban. I will be with a new companion and the way I understand it is we will be the only Elders there. Still nothing about Ulundi but we'll see.....Anyways, I am soooooooooooooooooo sad to leave this place, we’ve had great success here! We even had record attendance. We walk to church with MANY people now and many people are coming or coming back! It's a sad thing to leave. We even had many come to the center of the township with us and talk to people and hand out cards and pamphlets. They all wanted to do it again......
Anyways, I gotta pack...haha
Well I love you soooo much! :) Thanks for all you do! I think this is my last area so we'll see! Have a great week!!! :)
Elder Petrie

Monday, January 12, 2015

January 12, 2015

So mom, two things that I'll share! I have memorized the Living Christ :) It took about 2-3 days but it's sweet! I can recite it now :) Another thing, we are playing rugby today :) YAY!!! :) can't wait.! I've been working out so I'm back in a decent shape haha. 
And the story for the week iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis, So in our branch we were expecting some baptisms yesterday. We had the programs and the clothes in the truck and we were at church ready. Well, during church, another Elder wanted to borrow the keys from me to get something from the car during church.....Turns out, he locked the keys in the car. So everyone was panicked and we had to put some things together very quickly haha But nothing can stop the work of the Lord so they were baptized, (though after we had to deal with the issue).....Sooooooooo we locked the church up and the gate so our bakkie would stay safe and we took a taxi from Ezakheni to Ladysmith and walked the rest of the way to our boarding...It rained as well....YAY :) haha It was quite the experience haha Anyways...hope you enjoyed the story! Love You! Have a great week! 
Elder Petrie