Monday, January 12, 2015

January 12, 2015

So mom, two things that I'll share! I have memorized the Living Christ :) It took about 2-3 days but it's sweet! I can recite it now :) Another thing, we are playing rugby today :) YAY!!! :) can't wait.! I've been working out so I'm back in a decent shape haha. 
And the story for the week iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis, So in our branch we were expecting some baptisms yesterday. We had the programs and the clothes in the truck and we were at church ready. Well, during church, another Elder wanted to borrow the keys from me to get something from the car during church.....Turns out, he locked the keys in the car. So everyone was panicked and we had to put some things together very quickly haha But nothing can stop the work of the Lord so they were baptized, (though after we had to deal with the issue).....Sooooooooo we locked the church up and the gate so our bakkie would stay safe and we took a taxi from Ezakheni to Ladysmith and walked the rest of the way to our boarding...It rained as well....YAY :) haha It was quite the experience haha Anyways...hope you enjoyed the story! Love You! Have a great week! 
Elder Petrie


  1. I'm guessing Elder Petrie's mom is maintaining this blog?! I'm Alice Webb, mother of Elder webb who is on his way to Lesotho today. Your son's letters are helping me see where my son will be. He says Elder Petrie is a great guy. Just wanted to say hi!

    1. Hello Alice, yes I am maintaining this blog. Thank you for your comment, I'm sure your son will love Lesotho! I believe it is one of Elder Petrie's favorite areas! :)