Monday, January 19, 2015

Kwa Dukuza (Stanger) here we come!

I GOT MY CHRISTMAS PACKAGE!!! :) I loved the chocolates and they're gone now but I lived off all the meals and they were AWESOME! :)
I'm glad you like Disney World.....Me, I like anywhere I can wear a light saber!:P hahaha
So yea mom!! Rugby was SWEET!!!!! I got to play touch and ya know....I enjoyed it too much haha I still got it, at least a little bit of it. Haha ;)
So I got last area Ezakheni has had four missionaries but now they will only have two, Both my companion and I are leaving....I'm going to Stanger, or Kwa Dukuza, and it's the edge of Zulu land near Durban. I will be with a new companion and the way I understand it is we will be the only Elders there. Still nothing about Ulundi but we'll see.....Anyways, I am soooooooooooooooooo sad to leave this place, we’ve had great success here! We even had record attendance. We walk to church with MANY people now and many people are coming or coming back! It's a sad thing to leave. We even had many come to the center of the township with us and talk to people and hand out cards and pamphlets. They all wanted to do it again......
Anyways, I gotta pack...haha
Well I love you soooo much! :) Thanks for all you do! I think this is my last area so we'll see! Have a great week!!! :)
Elder Petrie

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