Monday, October 20, 2014

Giving a tour to uLundi and a great Zone Conference!

The trip to uLundi went alright. I went with Elder Mathebula and with president and his wife. It was fun. Just drove around and gave them a tour, then drove back to Newcastle for zone conference. I hope you use my map when I tell you these places :) hahaha We had a very nice meeting where the pinnacle...(to me) was about the Atonement. The Atonement really got me to feel the Spirit during the meeting. The rest was about planning and how it's important....They said Heavenly Father created everything spiritually first and then physically and how we should do the same.... :)

I hope my package makes it..... :/ It has all my Lesotho stuff :(
Anyways, this week was nice. We had a brother in our branch get his mission call to the Uganda Kampala mission which is cool. A lot of guys from there are serving in missions here! Like an exchange haha. This brother is a GOOD guy.
We also played soccer a bit with some guys and I realize how out of shape I am.... Haha.  Not much to report this week....I love you all and hope you have a great week! Enjoy the pictures with my skins :) hahaha The other photo is at night with all the Elders in my boarding...yes that's my casual wear in the boarding :) hahaha
Well I love you all and hope you have a GREAT week :)
Elder W. Clay Petrie

Monday, October 13, 2014

I think of you often and rely on you all!

 (I sent Elder Petrie a picture of the Elder in the movie, Meet the Mormons, [that also served his mission in Durban South Africa], along with one of his companion, and asked him if he knew him and this was his response).
The Elder in the movie, Elder Armstrong, Yea I know him and his companion. Elder Armstrong is from Utah. I met him on mission and talked to him about Tanner cause they both Wrestled and he knew of him. His companion is an Afrikaner from the Cape and I was REALLY good friends with him. We danced in the rain one time during a break from a conference haha, Yea it's pretty cool eh! I heard the filming people came here and they took some missionaries out to lunch. No one was dying to be on camera, but they sure wanted some free food hahahahaha :) 

Hahahahahahahahaha Mama wami! Ngiyakuthanda haha Mama wami means My mom! :) So, I'm still staying in that same boarding. (With 5 other Elders). This week was nice though. A lot of people that had missed out for a while were able to come back to church. We are also seeing another guy that is reading the Book of Mormon a LOT! It sure adds to your own testimony when someone takes a leap of faith and ends up learning the truth of the gospel through the Book of Mormon :) One Ma had tried arguing with us this week about that same book but I realized now, when the Spirit is with you, you can calmly answer all their questions. It's great :)
So today I am with Elder Mathebula in uLundi,(the place that has not opened yet). So I drove across the province this morning and had KFC for breakfast. Yesterday we were told by our President that we needed to meet them there today to give them a tour..... We were also suppose to give talks yesterday in church, but the time ran short so it ended up being a 5 minute talk on something that I had prepared to talk 20 minutes on. haha Then after Sacrament, I taught the investigators class, and then taught the Deacons Quorum. (One is a member and holds the priesthood and the rest are investigating...about 5 others) I was EXHAUSTED spiritually yesterday. haha
Tell Dr. Voigt I said hi and it's going to be nice to see him. Hey, so what do I have now? 9 months left. Time is flying soooooo fast.
Well, I hope you all have a great week! Know that I think of you often and rely on you all.. Love you!
Elder W. Clay Petrie

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The work is going very well!

 Pictures are from Heritage day in South Africa, September 24, 2014

So Ebola is something I haven't heard too much about but I'll keep my ears and eyes open. Scary eh?
Anyways, I will get to watch General Conference on the 25th and 26th! By the way mom :) Elder Dube is the MAN! He’s from Zimbabwe! :) I have a really good friend from Zim as well :) He'll be happy, (I told him that Elder Dube gave a closing prayer during one of the Conference sessions).
I'm soooooo happy that friends and family of mine back home are getting along. :) And I'm very happy to hear that Brandt is going to school at ASU! Another reason to go ;) hahaha
To answer your question, what do we do if it rains on us, we just keep on trekking and oh there is a reason they talk about rain storms in Africa.....LOUD thunder! haha
So I realized something this week....We have been very blessed here to see what the church was like in the old days. It's organized, but little things go wrong here and there, all for the perfecting of the saints, until one day it all comes together and runs as it’s supposed to be run :) Just working towards perfection. :)
A little boy this week went to the hospital to get his tonsils out and was scared so we stopped by and gave him a blessing and he had the surgery and recovered VERY quickly. He was a little bit of a problem before . . .but he is really getting better since the family has united through the gospel. This gospel is really for all of us to better ourselves. This week we were able to see seven baptisms of the other Elder’s area, very nice :) and the work is going on here very well also.
Well, I love you all VERY much!!! Tell me when my package arrives!!! Love you!
Elder Petrie