Monday, October 13, 2014

I think of you often and rely on you all!

 (I sent Elder Petrie a picture of the Elder in the movie, Meet the Mormons, [that also served his mission in Durban South Africa], along with one of his companion, and asked him if he knew him and this was his response).
The Elder in the movie, Elder Armstrong, Yea I know him and his companion. Elder Armstrong is from Utah. I met him on mission and talked to him about Tanner cause they both Wrestled and he knew of him. His companion is an Afrikaner from the Cape and I was REALLY good friends with him. We danced in the rain one time during a break from a conference haha, Yea it's pretty cool eh! I heard the filming people came here and they took some missionaries out to lunch. No one was dying to be on camera, but they sure wanted some free food hahahahaha :) 

Hahahahahahahahaha Mama wami! Ngiyakuthanda haha Mama wami means My mom! :) So, I'm still staying in that same boarding. (With 5 other Elders). This week was nice though. A lot of people that had missed out for a while were able to come back to church. We are also seeing another guy that is reading the Book of Mormon a LOT! It sure adds to your own testimony when someone takes a leap of faith and ends up learning the truth of the gospel through the Book of Mormon :) One Ma had tried arguing with us this week about that same book but I realized now, when the Spirit is with you, you can calmly answer all their questions. It's great :)
So today I am with Elder Mathebula in uLundi,(the place that has not opened yet). So I drove across the province this morning and had KFC for breakfast. Yesterday we were told by our President that we needed to meet them there today to give them a tour..... We were also suppose to give talks yesterday in church, but the time ran short so it ended up being a 5 minute talk on something that I had prepared to talk 20 minutes on. haha Then after Sacrament, I taught the investigators class, and then taught the Deacons Quorum. (One is a member and holds the priesthood and the rest are investigating...about 5 others) I was EXHAUSTED spiritually yesterday. haha
Tell Dr. Voigt I said hi and it's going to be nice to see him. Hey, so what do I have now? 9 months left. Time is flying soooooo fast.
Well, I hope you all have a great week! Know that I think of you often and rely on you all.. Love you!
Elder W. Clay Petrie

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