Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The work is going very well!

 Pictures are from Heritage day in South Africa, September 24, 2014

So Ebola is something I haven't heard too much about but I'll keep my ears and eyes open. Scary eh?
Anyways, I will get to watch General Conference on the 25th and 26th! By the way mom :) Elder Dube is the MAN! He’s from Zimbabwe! :) I have a really good friend from Zim as well :) He'll be happy, (I told him that Elder Dube gave a closing prayer during one of the Conference sessions).
I'm soooooo happy that friends and family of mine back home are getting along. :) And I'm very happy to hear that Brandt is going to school at ASU! Another reason to go ;) hahaha
To answer your question, what do we do if it rains on us, we just keep on trekking and oh there is a reason they talk about rain storms in Africa.....LOUD thunder! haha
So I realized something this week....We have been very blessed here to see what the church was like in the old days. It's organized, but little things go wrong here and there, all for the perfecting of the saints, until one day it all comes together and runs as it’s supposed to be run :) Just working towards perfection. :)
A little boy this week went to the hospital to get his tonsils out and was scared so we stopped by and gave him a blessing and he had the surgery and recovered VERY quickly. He was a little bit of a problem before . . .but he is really getting better since the family has united through the gospel. This gospel is really for all of us to better ourselves. This week we were able to see seven baptisms of the other Elder’s area, very nice :) and the work is going on here very well also.
Well, I love you all VERY much!!! Tell me when my package arrives!!! Love you!
Elder Petrie

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