Monday, March 23, 2015

This week was Kumnandi!

Yes yes yes this week was kumnandi!!! But before I go over it I wanted to comment...... WOW!!!!!! Brandon!!!! I'm gonna get to see you!!!! :) That's GREAT!!!!! Hey I'm excited for that!!! Hey! That will be a fun language to learn I'm sure!!! YO! Steven is going to school quick hey?! Where is he going to school??
Hey so this week was amazing!!! Really it was. I won't take long.....the one I wanted to share mostly was that this week we visited a DEAR sister to me, but I asked her what she is going to do for her birthday on Friday and she said nothing.....I was like WHAAAAA? So we set a party and it was on Saturday.....see Friday was birthday.....Sunday was her "rebirth" :) We got meat and braiied and a bunch of stuff and we had her invite family and friends it was nice when we got there!!! We had a WONDERFUL time together and then at the end they had some people talk (including me eish) but she spoke at her party to about (20+) family and friends and she bore her testimony and then at the end she explained how she will finally be baptized She spoke so highly of us and the calling we have. So then it came to her baptism day....Sunday. Yesterday :) Wow....I can't even describe the Spirit that was present :) So anyways...she has a friend who is in the high council so he came and gave a beautiful talk on baptism and her mother came and WOW! It was nice :) The first thing she said after it happened was, "wow, now I'm free." So as well a funny story, at the party, I learned about a tradition of feeding the cake to the birthday person.......then smash it into their face hahahahaha so I did it to her this time :) hahahaha it was FUN!!! :) So anyways....I can't even explain the great feelings I had and am still feeling...I love you! Have a nice day!!!!!! :) I love you!!!!  

Monday, March 16, 2015

Serving the Lord and having fun doing it!

We went hiking before Elder Preator left, and I found a bunch of porcupine quills!! :)

This one is Elder Preator, Elder Dlamini, and I at the mission home!!

OH!!!!! This is why missionaries can’t go swimming here!!! Hahahaha :)

My week was GREAT! BUT I want to say, wow mom sounds like you had a GREAT week!!! Seeing all those people! How are the Ritcheys?? Wow! You saw Taylor?? Man! How is he?? How is Craig? I Hope that Nene gets better hey?  
On Tuesday we tracted for most of the day!!! We got to see one lady who is very dear to me who is going to be baptized this coming week! She is SUPER special. We saw her most days this week. On Tuesday we actually went to a house of some people we had been told about, and I felt we really needed to go, only they don't really like missionaries.....that's what we heard...So we went and when the small family answered the door we found that it was a new family with a father from Nigeria a wife who is a Zulu and a child! It was sweet! So we came back and taught them. It's going well with them....funny how those things work out eh?? haha
On Wednesday we went to a zone conference in Durban and we had a NICE meeting. I got to see some old companions and see some of my friends give their last testimony in conference and realized that the NEXT zone conference for me is MY LAST.......:/ EISH! We learned about the new initiative that the church is doing for Easter. #BecauseHeLives. It's AWESOME! So we have been showing that video to everyone.
So Thursday, Friday, and Saturday were tough cause we tried to see many people but they were busy I guess. BUT we were able to have a nice Sunday! Many people came to church and really enjoyed it! We did something different though...After sacrament, there was a two hour meeting for adults to go over self reliance; How to budget, resume, and job hunting, those types of things. So WE got to help out with primary and the youth......TOUGH!!!! haha I was bitten, beat, things were thrown at me, and they beat me with the brooms....hahaha eish....primary is tough eh???? hahaha Still was fun though :) hahaha But a lot of people came, and it helped them, since a lot of the members here need help with those things.
Today we are going to play soccer. I'm going to take my companion to McDonalds....he has never been hahaha HEY! I love this guy eh? He is awesome! haha By the way...Steven is going to be home this week!!!! Please stop by and tell him I said HI! I miss that guy! Glad he is going to see his family...I know how he must be feeling eh?! But he sure enjoyed his mission. Can't wait to see him!
Well I love you!!! Have a great week! :)
Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Our Savior Jesus Christ Brings us Light, Truth, and Peace!

MOM! I am so happy to hear that Aunt Nene is alright!! WOW! THAT is a miracle. Do you think that she will be fully recovered by the time I get home? I hope she will have a good recovery and she won't be in too much pain! Wow!
So this week I lost the car key in an unfair was in my pocket then was gone....We are fixing the issue today though. I am enjoying my new companion and we are working. We had a very uphill week with many we were teaching though there are the select few who are doing FANTASTIC and are working out there eternal life. I have enjoyed the hardships of this week in a way that I can gauge myself on where the Lord stands in my life. I need to make him the first priority, always. I wish that no matter what can come in this life that we would all cling to our faith and do with it miracles that can bless the lives of our family and the dear ones who are searching for truth. We have all had that happen in our lives, I think when we just want truth....nothing less. We NEED it. Desperate for that thing that is bringing light amongst all the lies and darkness of the world we live in. How terrible are the sins of the world now, but hopefully we can all look to a greater light and truth that brings peace to us all in this life. That is what I'm looking at this week! I love you all and hope you have a WONDERFUL week :)
Elder W. Clay Petrie