Monday, March 2, 2015

March 3, 2015 - Transfer Week

 This week was transfer week so we got news that my companion is leaving to open another area that does not speak Zulu; (he wanted to learn Zulu). Oh well he'll get his chance. I'm getting a new companion from Swaziland! It'll be sweet cause he may be the first to come to the Durban mission since the recent change of moving Swaziland out of our mission. I pick him up tomorrow so it'll be sweet to meet him! haha 
But here we have been working HARD! I'm getting a nice tan from all the sun I'm getting from walking around trying to speak to people.... I don't have a problem speaking to anyone, but getting them to understand how important this message really is can be tough, unless you are in tune with the Spirit and discern how they will best receive this great message ....Sometimes I just want to run around and scream out, "HEY! The gospel is restored everybody!!!!!! Come follow Christ through his true prophets of today!!!!" But eish I would look like a freak and people would run away hahaha I know I would!  :P Actually, maybe I would talk to the crazy guy hahaha.
WOW! 19 emailing days left?? EISH! Time flies eh? :(
MOM!!!! Good luck on your temple working and the Easter Pageant! Wish I could see you!! Hope you all had a nice week! Love you all! I'll let you know what's going on next week! :) By the way.....I had a LOT of fun with the touch rugby ;) hahaha 


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