Monday, March 9, 2015

Our Savior Jesus Christ Brings us Light, Truth, and Peace!

MOM! I am so happy to hear that Aunt Nene is alright!! WOW! THAT is a miracle. Do you think that she will be fully recovered by the time I get home? I hope she will have a good recovery and she won't be in too much pain! Wow!
So this week I lost the car key in an unfair was in my pocket then was gone....We are fixing the issue today though. I am enjoying my new companion and we are working. We had a very uphill week with many we were teaching though there are the select few who are doing FANTASTIC and are working out there eternal life. I have enjoyed the hardships of this week in a way that I can gauge myself on where the Lord stands in my life. I need to make him the first priority, always. I wish that no matter what can come in this life that we would all cling to our faith and do with it miracles that can bless the lives of our family and the dear ones who are searching for truth. We have all had that happen in our lives, I think when we just want truth....nothing less. We NEED it. Desperate for that thing that is bringing light amongst all the lies and darkness of the world we live in. How terrible are the sins of the world now, but hopefully we can all look to a greater light and truth that brings peace to us all in this life. That is what I'm looking at this week! I love you all and hope you have a WONDERFUL week :)
Elder W. Clay Petrie

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