Monday, June 9, 2014

June 2, 2014 . . .Oops a week late!

So this week was a HARD working week. We have been walking a
 LOT and talking with EVERYONE that passes by! We have contacted some
 great people! Even one of the Chiefs! So yea. Mission is going good
 for now though there have been many people that aren't serious
 too.....But that's ok cause we see so many people now...We just find the
 ones prepared by the Lord. We ended up singing hymns on the side of
 the road and I played the guitar. (My companions idea) we have done
 sooooooo many creative things haha. We are working to futher
 the work here the hardest we can. I go to bed early every night now
 cause I'm sooo tired ha. But's hard. Not too much to report
 though. The woman that was hurt from the accident is back and we are
 visiting her again. She is awesome. 
How are things going there? 
People are graduating that's crazy! haha Tell Chase I wish him the best of
 luck! haha That guy hahaha. 
It's getting very cold here but at night I just walk with my blanket haha :) Well, I love you all and hope you have a nice week! Sorry this week was So short. 
I'm really good friends with an Elder Ah Sue from Hawaii! Mom.....told you I was polynesian. Love you!
 Elder Petrie

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