Monday, September 15, 2014

Opening a Different Area!

That was the coolest story of Charlotte's birth and Jon's surprise return! I feel like I was able to be there just seeing the pictures and reading about it :) Jon is my hero, I'm glad he is back! It's those things that make the world good. It's nice to see the great good in a world that can be so bad! :) 
Yes, my clothes are wearing but they'll hold, and no,  we don't have a way to heat our food so we just eat cold food but that will change because we're leaving! President explained to us before transfers that we would stay companions, go open a different area, and return to uLundi when it is ready to open and start the work. He explained that prior to its opening, we would have to make a report to the Area Presidency, they will present it to Elder Bednar and then he will make the desicion whether it's opened or not. (Obviously under the direction of the head of the church, Jesus Christ). It really is a line of authority to our Savior Jesus Christ....and when you're the bottom of that chain of authority, it's a long line that takes time but it's all part of the Lords plan and timing :) 
So we were able to find out a LOT about Zulu Culture this week. So I'm more Zulu than some Zulus! haha Mina ngiyadlula amazulu! ha 
So anyways I am excited to be able to testify again! Oh and this month is the month of heritage for South Africa so get ready for some colorful pctures soon :) 
I'm so happy for Krista and Jon and Lindsey and Sadie and Kailey and Jackson and now CHARLY!!!! WOW! Ncaaaaaah!!!!!! The new one! iNgane ncane! Uthandekayo! That's a nice family :) 
I love you all and hope you have a nice week.  Stay well and have a great week!!

PS I wish I could've been with you when you saw the guy with the Zulu sticker! I could've spoken to him and we would have BOTH been happy! :) Love you! Oh if you see someone like that greet them saying Sawubona. (pronounced like sa-oo-bow-nah) DO IT!
iNkosi uPetrie

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