Monday, August 25, 2014

Pumbaa is in Africa . . . I've seen him!

This week was nice, different though. We received word from President today that the Area Presidency has thus far rejected opening the mission here and has asked us to gather more information. Our direction is to spread the gospel and obtain facts such as: is it a growing community, jobs, population, religious preferences, a lot of different things. So we need to obtain that information and spread the Gospel to EVERYONE so we can establish that Ulundi can grow and be self reliant in the Gospel. Too many branches in South Africa are not growing well for many different reasons. We DON'T want that to happen here.....We want this area to have a clear understanding of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ and have strong testimonies to help it continue to grow.
Sooooooo last night there was a fire on the neighboring farm so we went with Brother D. and helped him put out the part that was threatening his land. People come to the farms to steal and then light fires to cause's annoying. Oh well.
The farm we live on is in the mountains of Zululand and it's AFRICA :) We saw a warthog on the side of the road today! First time I’ve seen Pumbaa here in Africa :) Not much more to report this week, except that I'm still a Zulu, I still love my brother Elder Mathebula, and the work is still tough but OK. We're trying; if the work's not ready. It won’t be because we didn’t try! I really would like to get the chance to see it open though. It has taught me that the work is about helping people receive the Gospel, or better yet, helping them to receive the CHANCE to receive it. We have met people, (NOT BY ACCIDENT), that have been prepared by the Lord to receive His gospel! I KNOW that.
Well, I love you all very much! Stay well!!!!
Elder Petrie

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