Tuesday, August 12, 2014

First week in uLundi!

To answer your questions, yes, here we have a bakki (truck). My companion was the last ap so he is about to go home. He is from South Africa and is a Zulu. We live with the Branch President of a Branch in Dundee that consists of himself and his wife. They are Afrikaans. We live on their farm in the middle of nowhere bordering Zulu land. It's rural. It's  hot here and no church at all. We are starting from the beginning. I have already seen the Lord working through us though. We helped wire the house yesterday that's why I didn't email. It's pretty nice out here. Quiet and not too much noise. We are working in a township. Not much to tell. I think this week we might have a small meeting for church but only few will probably show up. Still waiting on whether we'll get a boarding this week. Found one the first day due to divine intervention. As you can tell the time is short. We have a lot of work to do but have a little time to email. I love you all and sent a package from Lesotho via snail mail. Hope you have a good week. The place is called uLundi and when you see it you just think Hurrah for Israel!!!!! ;) Love you Mom!!!!
Sala Kahle. I'm learning a lot more Zulu :) haha Ngiyakuthanda mama wakho! Alright, not much this week but I think more time next week! Love you all!!!!!

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