Monday, July 28, 2014

Christmas in July!

 So I have pictures today, but the downside is that my email will be very short due to the effort in downloading them :P haha 
Soooo last week I got to meet someone on Monday with Elder Ah Sue...We were about to email and then we found a lady who had been in bible school and raised in Canada though she had roots in Lesotho.  She also did jewish studies. Ummmm so I had another name tag on that said Manhanha (a friend of mine) and  I was asked where I was from, (and I thought I would never see her again), so I just said New Zealand (in my accent)....I was very convincing :P haha However, the meeting went so well that  when Elder Ah Sue and I went on splits....we followed up with her. I told her I was just joking and she laughed and said she actually liked my prank....whew haha I'm never playing that prank again :P Anyways....the lesson was the most spiritual experience I've had my whole mission. She was SO prepared. She understood everything about our message exept where to find the Church of Jesus Christ today! We shared the message of the restoration and it all made sense to her! FINALLY someone who was prepared and actually knew what the Bible says!!!! She recieved a Book of Mormon from us. She is actually in another area now and we heard that in 3 days she had completed 2 Nephi and used Lehi's dream to describe her life!
We were also taught by a General Authority named Elder Hamilton. And guess what...I ate at McDonalds :) OH, and I went on an exchange with an Elder from Uganda and it was pretty sweet! 
Anyways! I love you all and hope you enjoy the pics! Thanks for the love and support luna!!!! Ke le rata! Ngiyanithanda!!!
Elder W. Clay Petrie
P.S. The pictures are of a Christmas in July that Elder Ah Sue and I had for our Zone. It was so successful that the couples from South Africa came and made breakfast with us. As you can see from the pictures, the party continues at the waterfall in Semonkong! IT'S SNOWING!!!!

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