Monday, July 21, 2014

His Work Will Move On!

Thank you for all the support guys! We are doing well now. This week was good. We worked really hard.
So we ran into some kids the other day, (that called me by my Sesotho name, “Thabo,” It means joy or happiness, I looked it up), then said, “Look smoke!” I saw the fire and answered, but then I looked closer and realized these 4-8 year old kids were smoking! I was like what the heck! Put that down! Eish! Kids just walk around without adults all the time. Eish.
It was the Kings birthday this week, and as a branch we cut grass at a graveyard in a village called Ha Jimisi! When we finished, the chief came and spoke to us (in Sesotho).  He was just preaching to us about how God was with us. I was dressed in complete Basotho traditional clothes. We also had a Zone training meeting about the doctrine of Christ. It literally helps with every problem. This doctrine is included in 3 Nephi 27 as faith, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, then Enduring to the end. Halleluiah, can I get an Amen. That's what helped me through the week ha.
I did exchanges with two other Elders too and it was sweet! They were fun and I felt our unity and the Spirit with it. We had so much fun. I really enjoy working with missionaries that know why they are here. It makes our purpose so clear. AND we enjoy our time serving. So because missionary work is harder to do here we have to be creative finding investigators.....we held a ping pong tournament :) it was successful :)
This week we ran into an Ntate that refused to speak English to us so I talked in Sesotho. He was surprised haha it’s fun :) Ummmm we also had a Zone choir rehearsal and sang in Sesotho. It was fun :)
Love you all! HIS WORK WILL MOVE ON!!!! 
I saw Elder Porter by the way mom! You can let his mom know that he looks good and during a lesson he joined with us and bore a strong witness of our Savior, Him in which we receive eternal happiness!

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