Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ one smile at a time! :)

This has been a very hard week. The world would have us think that being a missionary is too hard and not worth it, and that if you share the gospel of Jesus Christ with your friends that it might hurt their feelings or offend them, but I know that the Lord provides us with friends For the purpose of sharing the gospel with them! If you love anyone enough you will do all you can to bring them to the Lord so you can see them in the presence of the Lord in the last days. I feel like the Lord is having us push against a really big rock that is very difficult to move, but at least it's making me stronger. That doesn't take away my want for the rock to move though hahaha.  Something else I have really learned, the gospel is all about love. Without it, you're wasting your time. You must love! 
So anyways, this week there is not much to report. Work is moving slowly. The King’s birthday is this week so I'll dress in my traditional stuff to work. We also saw Semonkong waterfall again yesterday, except this time it's now all snow and ice haha, but it’s up in the mountains. It's not bad here though. A little cold never hurt anyone....I did slip on the slope by the falls (like right by it.....don't ask why I was climbing :P) and my hands were FROZEN,  but after a few hours they were ok haha!  Funny story; the people here believe that a big giant snake lives by the water fall, because a tornado came and they thought it was a snake....oh my gosh.  
To answer your question about what I’m eating, I eat ramen noodles a lot cause electricity is so expensive here and my money goes to pay for that. We don't get food really.....I miss chocolate :p Not much of that here that is reasonably priced haha.
I miss you all a lot this week. I love you! Have a great week!
Elder W. Clay Petrie

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