Monday, February 3, 2014

Working to strengthen our brothers and sisters in South Africa!

Soooooooo I cannot express how happy I was to hear about Jon’s Endowment and all this stuff that has been happening!!! Holy cow!!! I am so happy. I was thinking about it for like the whole week and even the whole day in between appointments I was counting down the hours.
This work is just the best, hardest and funnest work ever. So, this week is pretty good. I will start with a nice experience I had. We went to this members house for dinner one Sunday and when we get there I smelled tripe...(Cow stomach) I thought, "no, they wouldn't do that to us." BUT!!!! THEY DID! It is probably grosser than you think it is. Eish it's sandy tasting and smells like poo. Eish I hate tripe haha. So I have now gotten to the point where I have eaten tripe, chicken legs (not bad), and much much more. I need to start writing down the food I eat cause some are just like...”what, why would you eat that?” ha
So this week we have had some great setbacks and progress. So, we had zone conference in which our beloved President taught about the importance of the first lesson and also about the growth of our mission. Umlazi where I work, (includes 2 Wards) needs to become a Stake. Because of this, we were inspired to get right to work. The spirit (I truly cannot take credit for this) prompted a wonderful vision of progress for our ward. We are going to set up something called “Centers of Strength.” These will include a family home evening set up in certain sections, (kind of like neighborhoods). They will involve the members from that area meeting together. Then once they are established people will invite friends. We will also attend, so we will be there to teach and answer any questions anyone might have.  We are hoping this will strengthen everyone. I urge you all to do this at home as well and invite your friends to a night of fun where you can speak of Christ, have fun, and meet people in your area.
So we have been working really hard to implement this, but on Sunday we had several setbacks with some of the people we have been working with. We need to help in the organization of the work here, so we can do actual missionary work. The Lord has called us all here for a specific reasons and I feel like this is the time. A lot of work lies ahead :/
Have a nice week and I love you!!!!
Elder Petrie

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