Tuesday, February 18, 2014

New responsibilities, country, and language, all in one week!

I was soooooo happy about Jon, Krista, Lindsey, Sadie, Kailey, and Jackson’s sealing. I was announcing it all day to the other Elders... I was thinking about all of you!!!!! That is a really cool story about the sealing!!! How was it for everyone? 
That Zulu Book of Mormon you held in your hands is something I read from in studies haha Incwadi kamormoni obunya ubafakazi bukaJesu Kristu! I love that book. 
So....I have news. I will no more be speaking Zulu....at least for a while. I will be leaving the Zulu kingdom in fact. I will even be leaving Emzansi (South Africa) I have been transferred to the mountain kingdom of Lesotho. It is a whole new people, language, and culture. It is the most rural in the mission and probably most places...mud huts and dirt roads... It is super cold in the winter, and it's where I will be spending the winter.  It's going to be quite the experience. I have also been asked to be the District Leader. President called and told me all these things will stretch me, but with the Lord I will be an old hand in no time haha.
 I really am excited but it will be a challenge for sure. Dirt roads and a buckie (truck) will be fun though. I will have to learn the language of Sesotho. I am super excited for it though. Soooo it's so far from the mission home that letters and everything will come every month and a half. Sorry if it takes long to reply. 
How are you all back home? 
I am super sad to leave my area here at Umlazi, but I feel as if I was able to complete my work here, though this transfer was a huge surprise.  I love Zulus so much but oh well. The Lord has called me so I will go.
So I went to a mini Sea World today before I left cause all the Elders were sending me and my good friend Elder Davenport off.....We are both leaving. I almost got to kiss a dolphin but some Namibian lady beat me to it....Eish. I almost recieved a kiss from a seal but got beat out once again eish...Cut a guy some slack! :P hahaha But we had a lot of fun. 
I am so sad to leave but ready to continue. I love you all!!!!!!!
Elder Petrie 

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