Monday, February 24, 2014

Masianokeng, Lesotho!

OK, so I'll start by answering the questions you sent :)
I'll just wear the cultural stuff here to keep warm haha it's not like Provo, the snow isn't that much so I'll be fine. It will just be left here if you send it cause I can't take it with me..... If you send anything, don’t send anything expensive.
I traveled to my area on bus halfway and the other half by pick-up truck driven by missionaries. It was a 12ish hour trip.
My new area is called Masianokeng in Lesotho it is located east of Maseru (the capital city) Maseru is NOT comparable to a city back home....
Elder Allen is my new companion and he is from Texas. He is cool and we get along really well and we understand each other really well.
Our boarding is nice. It had a lot of bed bugs in the past but it's ok now....we hope. The other boarding for the missionaries in Maseru have thousands of bed bugs infesting their boarding and it's disgusting :(
We usually feed ourselves cause the people here don't have the means to feed missionaries. They are way poor. But I love em! The branch is small but we're working on it. There are a lot of cool people; quite a few people in the villages. We do tract. It's sometimes helpful but it's hard because half the people you meet only speak Sesotho. I speak Zulu with those that know it here, but I speak it better than any I've met yet. I introduced myself completely in Sesotho (the language here) in church yesterday, and it's been 5 days. I have already learned a lot of Sesotho. It's fun learning a new language :)
No, I did not receive a package before I left Umlazi, what did it consist of? I got the flash drive and I need to send it back soon.
We don't have any couple missionaries here cause they went home, so we are just a few missionaries out in the middle of a small kingdom in the mountains trying to do our best haha. So when I was traveling here I got to meet my baba or trainer. He goes home soon but we had a nice reunion. I love Elder Kinyaka. Eish that guy is cool. He told me I was his favorite companion. Everyone knows me here because of what he told them. Wow he is such a nice guy I love him. Ke o rata .
The culture here is cool. The water is bad; man it was a cool experience. Nothing here really can get me down. haha
We have a LOT of work to do, president even told me that but I can't wait to dig in and to bury myself in this work and submerge myself with their culture as well!
Ngiyanithanda (Zulu) futhi (Sesotho) Kea le rata!! Sala kahle!
Rato, Thando,
Elder Petrie
American Candy would be nice to give to the African children. Please pitch into the African children candy fund ;) hahah

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