Monday, January 27, 2014

Happy! Happy! Happy!

Mom...All the work you have been doing at this open house sounds so awesome and I am extremely jealous. I love doing this work for the Lord. Hyrum Smith once felt what you are feeling when Joseph announced that they were building a temple; (Kirtland), and he grabbed a scythe and started clearing the grass where Joseph said the Temple would be right away. He said something like, if there is going to be a Temple of our Lord I am determined to be the first one working. So nice work...Carry on and know that I am extremely jealous.

Tell everyone I say HI! Especially Grandpa Wise, (When you see him at his Monday shift).  ;)
Awww! Can you send me Grandy's address?? I want to write her a letter! That letter is the nicest thing! Eish My family really is the best family there is…haha…for me. :) Tell her I said I love her sooooo much and I can't wait to see her when I get back, :) because I WILL!

Sooooo this week was fantastic. The Zone leaders were impressed and said good job. (As long as the zone leaders are happy with you you'll have a successful mission)! haha I am happy about this week cause of the feelings I have felt; it is an accomplished feeling. My companion was probably tired of how much I was smiling on the way home last night haha. We started out with 0 people being prepared for baptism at the beginning of this transfer and now there are 5 including a ma that was really touched by the Spirit.

Sooooooo we have a new American in our boarding. He is the funniest guy. He is from Gilbert and his name is Elder Bryant, oh man he is soooo funny. We had a very funny experience that had everyone on the ground laughing and after that we went to the next appointment that turned into the most spiritual experience I've had my whole time in Umlazi, funny how the Spirit works. :)

So I love you all. I love my companion! :)  Have a great week!
Elder Petrie

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