Monday, January 20, 2014


WOW!!!! THE GILBERT TEMPLE IS SOOOO COOL! THAT'S WHERE I WANT T GO WHEN I GET BACK! Thank you so much for the pictures ma! :)
I miss the temple so much! Eish. These poor people need a temple here pronto. I hope when it comes that they'll use it.
My new companion is Elder Kamya from Uganda and he is super humble and really obedient. :) I love this guy. We are rebuilding the trust and we are already starting to see some success!!! We had a good amount of people come to church this week, and we have been working with two less active members this week.
We’ve also been teaching two girls that have both wanted to get baptized but the baba is standing in the way. He tells us it’s OK to teach them, then he yells at his daughters for listening to us. My companion wanted to stop teaching them, but I refuse to quit until we talk again with this baba. It's OK if he tells us, but he needs to talk with us before we give up on these girls.... Well. I love you all so very much and I hope you have a nice week!!! Love you Ma and Dad!!! Happy Birthday Krista and Congrats on the 'boy" Sharee and Cody!!! :)
Love you,
Elder Petrie

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