Monday, November 4, 2013

Usual Fun in South Africa!

I'm so glad to hear Brother Tukuwafu is home and recovering! He is such a stud. How are all the missionaries from the ward doing? Penili comes back in July next year I think neh? Man! I'll be a year then. It's almost my 4 month mark already...Holy COW!!!
So, we have had some GREAT success on our less active work here. A lot of people are coming back to church and it is simply fan flippin tastic. We finally got to confirm Akhona as a member and blessed him with the gift of the Holy Ghost. He is a cooooool kid.
So not much different has happened this week. Nothing crazier than the usual gun shots and drunk people. ;) haha But really....It's normal. Drunk people are EVERYWHERE and there one main target is to talk to the “holy white men,” haha so we are getting really good at running away. ;) But, I still love it here and some people are getting very close to baptism. :) People have been really receptive to the message.
 Well, I love you all and I hope you have a good week :)
Elder Petrie

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