Monday, October 28, 2013

Elder Bednar comes to South Africa!

Happy Birthday to Aunt Debbie and Happy Anniversary Happy Anniversary Happy Anniversary HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! happy happy happy happy. (Mom and Dad)!
My new companion is awesome. He is from Utah but he is not a missionary robot haha. He is learning IsiZulu too and he asks me for help a lot :P I have to translate sometimes. We have A LOT of fun. When I say this, people often think I neglect the work. People even ask us if we get the work done while we are here.... In response to that, we have A LOT of fun....WHILE we get the work done :) It's not a sad depressing work we are doing so why can you not have fun during work? :) People don't appreciate your visits with them being referred to as work haha. :)
So, this week we had some difficulties. Our beloved Elder Zsembery had to get his appendix out and we had to carry him on our backs the whole 100 km it took to get him to the hospital...Just kidding :) He had to stay at the hospital for 3 or 4 days though and we had to visit him and bring him things from home and it really put a dent in our schedules :/ We had to work his area as well since we were with his companion in a threesome. So two areas are definitely a lot more people to see haha double the usual load :P He is recovering well though. :)
Soooo, Elder Bednar came this week! He got down to business and did not sugar coat things. His wife as well spoke and she is soooooooooooo humble and cool :) They told us to not take notes on what they said but on what we felt. It was inspiring and will help me to change for sure!!! (For the better haha). We also got to go to the stake conference with Elder Bednar yesterday izolo. It was PACKED full with a mix of races! :) It was sweet! He talked about the temple being built, (the location has not yet been announced)........He said DO NOT TAKE IT FOR GRANTED!!! So you all at home better not either. He has been doing a lot of missionary work here too by talking with high up officials and radio programs and what not :) He is sooo cool! He even had a little extra time to take a picture with us! (I will post it below.)
So, I left the lights on in the car while we were at the chapel. The battery was DEAD! You have to turn the lights off manually and it was foggy for a bit so I turned them on then forgot to turn them off....So we pushed it in mud and tried to kick start it but my companion in the driver’s seat didn't know that it had to let the clutch off hahaha so we were standing in the rain for a long time and members were trying to help us as they pulled out but none could. One man had cables and tried to jump it but it was deader than dead. So he gave us a ride back to the chapel and was trying to help us call someone. So we ended up waiting for about 2 hours at a youth fireside soaking wet and freezing till the AP's came and helped us kick start it by pushing. The battery had recharged a bunch… it was fun :) hahaha. That was our week of fun. :) I love you all! :) Miss you!
Elder Petrie
Ngiyanithanda khakhulu!!!

My companion (Elder Whiting) is to the left :) Elder Zsembery (appendix-less elder) is in the middle on the top right above Elder Bednar.

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