Monday, October 21, 2013

Transfer Week!

How is it amanmganiwami?? This week was pretty good, first, we had transfers and my beloved baba (trainer) Elder Kinyaka has been transferred to be a zone leader in Lesotho. My new companion and I (Elder Whiting) took him to the bus station. We were talking for a bit and they called for everyone to get on the bus. He looked at me and handed me his name tag that he had from the MTC. (He has been out for 19 months) and he said he wanted me to have it. I declined and told him it was his whole mission and I didn't want to take it from him. He then looked at me and said, "No man, you were my whole mission." I then took it and put it on. I took mine and gave it to him as well. We said bye then he said he had to get on the bus before he started crying,  anyways, I later found out that he had prayed for a missionary to come that would be a relief on his mission cause he was having a hard time with a lot of arguments and what not…mission. My new companion said that he told him I was that answer. Wow. That guy will forever be my brother and I will never forget what he has done for me. Now, my new companion is Elder Whiting and he has been in my boarding serving on the South side of Mpumalanga 1. He just switched rooms and is now with me in Mpumalanga 2 :) He is from Utah but its ok, he is cool. Not a Utard. (Just kidding, haha). He is learning IsiZulu and we get along very very well. He is VERY good at soccer and he pretty much rocks.
So, this week we put a man named M… D…… on B-Date and he came to a baptism once and said, “I’m going to prepare myself so I can be baptized in the Lords true church.” He keeps urging his brothers and sisters and their families to come to church as well. This guy is awesome.
So, the next day I realized I lost my wallet.....I was searching everywhere. So, we tore the boarding apart (more than once.) We went back to M……'s house and they had it and gave it to me straight off haha. It had no money in it to begin with so even if a robber found it wouldn't be too much of a temptation :P hahahaha But they were soooooo nice. They were so excited to give it to me and asked if everything was in there.  :) They said we're family so never worry, if I lose something they'll find it haha. We had a braai (BBQ), and had a bunch of missionaries over at a member’s house and we ate A LOT of good food. We FINALLY got to watch conference! Not very many people came Saturday, (So far for everyone to travel), 6 people not counting the missionaries. I know why they have the Prophet speak on Sunday morning! Everyone came for that session. There were more of our investigators there than members on those unattended sessions ha.
Conference was sweet!!!! I liked Elder Oaks talk and Edward Dube (from the Zim (Zimbabwe)) and many many more. Halleluiah! I'm so happy for all the talks about women needing to be tender and stuff. We have enough "tough" prideful drunk baba's we don't need ANYMORE people like that. Please women lead the way on being kind and tender. Eish I'm tired of pride. Elder Bednar is coming this week!!!
 So an Elder got his keys for the boarding stuck on the chapel roof so naturally he came to me for help...the newest Elder in the area. So I climbed some pipes and bars and finally reached the roof, in the rain. It was pretty sweet.
Sooooo I love you all and I chased some springboks in the bush recently and ngiya thanda emzansi njalo! Futhi, Ngiyanithanda njalo!
Elder Petrie
P.S. What…the…Dad went to Disneyland???!!!! Tell him not to get too worn out from going cause he has to go when I get back and we will all go. :) Hey so I keep hearing things about our government closing things down? What is going on there? Will the country be different when I get back? Love you!  

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