Monday, October 14, 2013

Another great week in South Africa!

Thank you sooo much for the updates and for doing the FHE!
 I got your package containing the chili packets THANKS!!!!! (CHILI PARTY SOON!)
We had a baptism this week. Actually, so much has happened....A. D. was the boy that was baptized. He is 12 and he wanted me to baptize him. He is so young but he really impressed everyone on how converted he is. I love that guy. When the baptism was over, he was walking out of the font and he slipped on the steps and fell back into the water! Haha. He was fine; it just looked like he dove in for another go! We all laughed including him and when we closed the door I asked if he was OK and if he slipped. He answered yea and then we both began to laugh again. Haha.
Soooo, My Kenyan brother is leaving me to take over the area..:( I will miss him tooooo much. He has been my companion through my whole mission so far and he really was just more of a brother. He is going to Lesotho. 
STORY TIME: So when I had been on my mission a month, we got a new car (a manual) and we went to a place called Hillcrest Toyota. We talked to the receptionist and she seemed very businesslike and very formal. She helped us and on the way out she followed us out and called "Missionaries, wait!” We went back in and talked to her. She has been a less active member for 16 years. She says her life is not very good right now and she wanted some help from the Elders and she wanted some scriptures; a triple combination. We were kind of taken aback and decided that we would do our best to help her. We contacted the Elders where she lives, and we went to the office, bought the scriptures for her and we said goodbye. We thought that would be the end of it. We were playing basketball last week and the Elders that we had given her information to were there. They said thanks for the contact information and that she was really powerful and they visit her a lot and she comes to church now. HOLY COW! Our jaws dropped. So we get a call from her a couple days ago and she asks us to come back to the dealership that she wants to speak with us. Because of our schedule, the only day we could go was just before we came to the email shop today. (Cause my comp/baba Elder Kinyaka is leaving.) Soooo, she finishes her work and goes on break and then she walks outside with us.  She starts by saying thanks for coming to meet her and that the Elders that visited her were amazing and that she was sooo very thankful. Then she told us her story. She said that she had been reading anti Mormon literature many years ago, and as she was, she met some missionaries and realized how wrong the literature was and ended up converted to the restored gospel of Jesus Christ instead! She was a strong member and even got her Endowments, but her husband was angry and kicked her and the children out onto the streets, where she lived for 3 months. For some reason she was unable to get help, and became offended and left the church. She has been going through some very hard times recently and was not happy with her life....Then she said we came into the dealership. She teared up (she is not a woman you would see tear up) and she said she couldn't thank us enough. She knows this church is true and wouldn't even deny it when she was less active. She said she isn’t the kind of person that expresses her love much, but she said, “I have to thank you and tell you how much I love you.” Wow. Missionaries really are charged with bringing important and precious people BACK to our Heavenly Father. Wow.  
Gotta go! I love you all soooooooo much! :) Ngiyanithanda khakhulu!!!!!

Elder Petrie 

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