Monday, October 7, 2013

Feeling the Spirit in South Africa!

Thanks for the emails!
So Elder Bednar, ( One of the Twelve Apostles), is coming this month on the 25th. I might get to watch General Conference before then. I have heard about Elder Edward Dube a lot here. (He is a Seventy that spoke in General Conference). Zimbabwe is just next door. (He’s from there).
Having a BBQ sounds weird haha. The people here are really into that but it's called Braai ha. We have braais a lot to get families to come together and listen to us. Nothing like food to get people to gather together :P
So this Sunday will be the baptism of a boy named A…. and he wants me to baptize him. He is realllllly smart and is only 12 years old. In the interview he asked the District Leader if, when he is older, his car runs out of fuel on the Sabbath what should he do to not brake the Sabbath :P Good question ne? District Leader said, fill it up just enough to get through the day if you have to haha It stumped him for a bit though. ( This reminds me of s famous Primary song, "Saturday is a special day it's the day we get ready for Sunday...") Haha. He is also realllllllly good at soccer. He beats most the older kids here on the streets.
Ok...story time :) So there is a girl named N…. who we know. We have been trying to teach her ma but she is always gone!! So we taught her gogo but she is so used to her church. Anyways, the ma brought her daughter to church one Sunday and they loved it! The next Sunday only the daughter (N….) came to church. She loved it! She said she wanted to be in the primary program which was in one week (this last Sunday). We were given the job to teach her the songs and help her to get a testimony and give a talk. In one week! I got the CDs and went to work. We taught her one time and I felt like she needed friends in church so I thought of the girls her age in the ward. I got the perfect family and the next day we went to teach we went to the member’s house and got three sisters to walk with us to her house. When we finished that day, N… and the sisters were like best friends. We went again the next day and then we all went to church Saturday for a practice and (She had to walk to church by herself which is about 3 miles.) I helped her with her talk and her testimony. It was amazing the things she already knows. Anyways, her mom said she would come to church to watch her sing and talk. She came but her ma did not....I played the piano (recordings :P)  for the program and every time she got nervous she looked at me and gave me a huge smile and I smiled right back. She did sooooooo well! All of the children did! But as cheesy as it sounds, I was soooo overwhelmed with joy as she gave a talk and sang. It felt like Heavenly Father had allowed me to feel His love for her through me. We will start teaching her discussions this week. Well that's all I got time for this week! Love you all! :)
Elder Petrie

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