Monday, September 30, 2013

Short and Sweet!

Sooo my baba (companion) is leaving this transfer we're pretty sure...It's sad. I get along with him sooo well. People always told me that he was quiet and didn't talk much but I was able to relate with him and man....we have fun.
Sooooo we tracted into a father that is ready to hear the message and we have a baptism coming up this next 2 weeks!
General Conference is this week??? Cool! I guess we have to wait to watch it later because of the time difference. Pres. Bednar might come before I watch it.
I’m sorry; I have to go like NOW! I love you!  We did some good stuff this me we did :P
I love you! They're leaving now! Bye! Salenikhahle!
Elder Petrie

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