Monday, September 2, 2013

Serving, Teaching, and Learning!

Mom, what you learned in the Doctrine and Covenants is true. How deep is that? I know it’s true. We are involved in a work way more important and special than we know!!! It's amazing. I love this work.
I don't have too much time!! Sooo. This week has been great!!! We have been doing heaps of service at Bishops house! He is a ....funny...guy he is really strict and has a strange sense of humor...haha but He gets things done!!!
I took a personality test this week on our free time in the boarding and it turns out I'm a yellow red. I like to work hard but I like to have fun doing it....Pretty accurate? My companion thought so haha. Working hard and being boring is no fun!!
So we went to the Khomo sisters house last night and we told them to teach us about callings in the church. They had prepared full lessons (never happens) and they said they were ready to accept them! The Spirit is working with us all the time but most the time we do not recognize it because it’s so subtle. We are setting up a "study" group with this guy and his friends from an African church that is versed well in the Bible! It is nice, except that everyone interprets the Bible in so many different ways; I am grateful that we have a Prophet on the earth today that can help us to understand what the Lord would have us do!
Elder Bednar (one of the Twelve Apostles), is coming here in October :) Jealous? ;) haha It will be fun! I hope he announces where the Durban Temple will be built!! :)
Thanks for keeping in contact with my good friends!! It is sooo nice to have a family that loves me and takes care of me even when I'm in Africa haha. It is pretty wild here at times.!
I can speak isiZulu pretty well and I understand it as well. I pray in isiZulu and I can bear my testimony in it :) I teach in English but I talk in isiZulu. The people here love it when I do. Ngiya koluma isiZulu ngoba ngiya thanda abantu ba zulu. I speak it because I love the Zulu people. I had a tie made into a Zulu tie as well haha (missionary fun stuff). Everyone loved them at church haha.
 I am eating more and more every day! But I can't get's not even fair haha Ngiyafuna a big belly manji!!! (I think he is saying, “I want a big belly now!") Haha! J
Elder Luddington s going back to Wyoming today and we have to say goodbye :( I will miss him for two years :(:(:( He was such a good missionary! I love this work and I know it is true! Love you! Time's up :(
Love always,
Elder W. Clay Petrie
P.S. I got your other package :):):) I will send the pictures soon! They are fun!
P.S.S. I love you!!!!!

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