Monday, August 26, 2013

This week started with a bang! Literally! The other Elders in our boarding were driving down a very hilly dirt road and hit a turn wrong so their car flipped! They rolled and were stopped by a little tree. They had no scratches and no one was hurt. But the Elder that was driving lost some memory of it and was in shock. He went to the hospital the same day and was fine. The Lord truly protects his servants.
We taught a boy named Lungisani here. He is about 18 and is keen to know about the gospel. Before we taught him I just knew that we needed to invite him to be baptized. The whole ride over I was telling Elder Kinyaka that we needed to. When we taught him (first lesson) we finished with the invitation. Without hesitation he said yes!! He is a very smart boy and spiritual. He will do great things! We continued teaching our other two investigators who are getting prepared to be baptized. They are taking their time, but that is good, we really want them to know. Eventually, from prayer and scriptures, they will know.
We helped our bishop with his yard for about 5 hours this Saturday. (umgqibelo) We helped level his backyard, built a wall, and demolished his old driveway with a metal pole. We really don't have many tools to do things here so we stick to random things like metal poles. I am getting really good at mixing concrete the African way. I love the people here and I think they might have some positive feeling about me. haha
We are having a lot of success with our less actives because of our trust we have for them and the trust they have for us. A baba the other day was explaining to me that we were brothers and that he loved and cared for me. I love these people and I am really enjoying teaching them. I love the promise land, but Africa, strangely, feels like a home.
Many other things happened this week that were very "African" haha kodwa ngizo koluma maduze. I won a new car! Not really, we got a new car from the mission office because the other was old and beat up from the township. This one is manual!! :) It just makes me wish I was driving Jons bucky though...How is that truck doing? How are they doing? I never hear from them!!! Thank you for the package! I was really happy! Those pictures of the family were awesome!! :) Well, have a good week! Ngiya ni thanda! I love you all!!
Elder Petrie
P.S. I also taught Primary yesterday about Priesthood. During the lesson a little boy asked me "What if we forget to get married in the Temple?" haha Someone answered "How could you forget that?" The kids here are so smart though and they are really really really awesome.

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