Monday, August 12, 2013

One Month in South Africa!

One month flew by! But I've done sooo much already haha it feels like longer but short. Not sure how to explain it. How is it in the wonderful Promised Land?
How was Haydens farewell?? How are the Ritcheys? Can you get their email? Thanks for sending the package :) I withdrew some money so I could survive a little just so you know.....:) Don’t ask what survive means . (He’s talking about being robbed)
I make some of the best food ever! Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches are the best! And so are canned beans and bananas. haha  
So this week, we are teaching two boys that will be baptized in September. One boy we taught was a member but goes to another church now. We helped him understand why our church was the only church with the amandhla negunya kaNkulunkulu. (Power and authority of God.) Or Priesthood. He got it I think. People rush people to baptism here so we have to take most our time reactivating people that weren't taught correctly. Or just didn't understand it. Kind of a bummer, but fun :) One night we just went to a less actives sisters home and visited her once (she is so cool) and she was at church on Sunday. Didn't even need a reminder! The people that I really want to be baptized didn't come to church this week after many invitations :( Boohoo. But it was ok, because we'll see what's wrong and help them fix it. People have to walk a far to get to church. Or use a taxi which means money... We did a LOT of service this week. We scraped the roof of a member (with asbestos) and sealed it and painted it and we helped clean his yard and garden and stuff. The young men came too though so it was fun. We wrestled while we worked. And there was a lot of spraying with the hose haha. I love the people here and I'm getting used to the culture. Back home is a little weird now actually (culture wise). But I still love America....a lot. ha Well I love you all soo much and thank you for your prayers and support!
Ngiya ni thanda!
Elder Petrie 
This picture is part of the township I serve in.

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