Monday, August 19, 2013

Loving South Africa!

Is it OK if I buy some cool stuff here? Cause I have already…hahaha Mpumalanga is completely safe. We only hear gun shots every once in a while hahaha.
That's awesome about Cameron getting married! Tell him I wish him all the best from Africa. How are you all back home? Thanks for sending the flash drive,  I have needed one. OH and can you send some more memory cards? I've almost finished with one. I like the food here! kinda. haha  (He’s responding to my letter).
So this week was great!! I challenged a Gogo to be baptized and she had some questions that we answered for her, and now we can help her to receive the gospel of Jesus Christ! In other news, we had zone conference Tuesday and it was pretty great! President taught us a lot about listening to the Spirit, especially in planning. We got another Elder in our boarding, so five including me now. His name is Elder Whiting or, Elder Hlopi. (white) haha So now there are 4 Americans and 1 Kenyan. But we all fit in haha. I had a zulu baba (drunk) tell me that we are all the same. "We eat out of our mouths and ……………." hahaha I told him yea! That's true. People have different cultures...WAY DIFFERENT hah but we're all the same; Heavenly Fathers Children. Sooooooo, I went on exchanges this week with Elder Rajionarison from Madagascar. We got along really well. He learned English while on his mission! He speaks really well. Ngiyazi isiZulu kancane. It's getting better! We are all going to speak zulu one day cause isizulu means the language of heaven haha Just kidding, kinda.
How are Nana, Grandpa, and Aunt Nene?
Our dogs are flippin spoiled. These dogs are crazy street wise dogs. Almost as street wise as monkeys ha. Monkey captures have been at a minimum :( But the work of the Lord is getting done :) We should be leading two brothers to baptism in three weeks!! I love Africa.
Love you!
Elder Petrie 

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