Monday, September 16, 2013

Working hard in Africa!

How is everything in Vegas with Jon and Krista? Is everything going well at home? How are the dogs? How is my dearest favorite Nana? :) How is Grandy, and everyone else? What's going on now??
This week was good and bad. First we taught a member that was offended by someone at church cause of some African cultural differences... We went to visit her and she changed from not wanting to talk to us at all to feeding us and laughing with us and wanting us to come back. We had a lot of promises to come to church this week but as always, most bunked and didn't show. But, a glimmer of hope was these two sisters that were baptized a long time ago. We were able to meet them this week. They came to church and we visited them only ONCE! It was amazing. We also ran into a father led family this week and we began teaching them again! Ngiya themba! Then, We made an african steam bread named tcheqe and it was pretty good. We also play games with our investigators and member families :) It's fun for us AND them! What's better? I submit nothing! It really helps people to trust us missionaries as their friends, because we ARE! People don't understand how much we think about them and pray for them individually.
We were working with a boy this week who has become one of my very close friends. He has had some tough times with family though cause he is the only step child. He was with us at night and we got a text from his step mom that said he needs to be home NOW! So we rushed him home and his baba invited us in and gave him fire while we were there! It was soooo sad. They want him to do all the cleaning and cooking and everything around the house!! He got in trouble for playing soccer for an hour when his siblings don't do anything and are always playing. It is so sad. On another note, we were in a lesson (on exchanges so I was with Zsembery.) and halfway through I got a sick feeling....I had a cold sweat over my whole body and I needed to leave the house so I told Zsembery that we needed to wrap up (quitely) but a girl was interested so we carried on and I was dying....Bad haha So finally we went to the car and went to get the keys from the other guys to go to the chapel. I was driving like an African!!! That day was tough when we went back out and had to eat.
I got a letter from Sister Hansen and the Hansen family. It was sweet!!!! :) The picture they sent was sooo funny!
Ok, I'm going to tell you this sad story then another happy story! A boy we have been teaching for a long time has been prepared for baptism and was going to be baptized in two weeks. He has a testimony and KNOWS this church is true. He is about 16. We were teaching our last lesson and he memorized the ten commandments. He was reciting them when his baba came home and interupted. He started speaking really fast Zulu and I could only catch a little bit but I found out that he was saying he didn't want him to be baptized because he was the head of the family and he wants him to go to his church. We invited him to come to ours once and he said no. Poor guy. He won't be baptized now. The baba asked us to keep coming and teach him because he believes we are good people sent by God to teach people about the bible....We agreed to see him once a week now and we will be praying a lot for him. I know he will be able to be baptized and receive all the blessings of the restored gospel someday.
Ok...funny story then end. My comp was using the bathroom (side of the street) while we were leaving the township for the night and I was waiting in the car. We heard three gun shots right down the street and I said, "woza" really calm like and he came running while he zipped his pants hahahahaha He jumped into the car and I never have gone through gears sooo fast in the township hahahahahaha It was a drunk man walking around I'm sure...happens a lot.
So I gave a baptism talk in our ward because there was a baptism for the other Elders this Sunday! Soooo I was assigned to speak on baptism. but I ended up talking about Holy Ghost. Why? I will tell you! I get up to the stand and the guy next to me (tap tap is his name, we work with him a lot.) says "you are speaking on the Holy Ghost right?" I was like....nope! I'm speaking on baptism! Then he holds up his notes about baptism for his talk and I hold up mine then I decided to help him out and change my topic as the meeting started......Fun fun! Mission life in Africa :)
I love you all so much and miss you!
Love, the missionary workin his butt off in the land of cool lookin creatures, (I want to hunt)!

Ngiya kuthanda!

Elder Petrie

P.S. I helped the youth prepare a song they are singing in church!
P.S.S.  I love you mom and dad! Hurrah for Israel!!

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