Monday, November 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Dad!

Uyazalwa nomhlanji uyazalwa nomhlanji uyazalwa Ubaba uyazalwa nomhlanji! Happy Birthday Dad!!! :)
So today I am emailing from just across the street from the Indian Ocean in the heart of Durban, and I'm sweating and it's super loud. Fun fact about's loud in the city.
Hey! So you got my pictures? Guess what ma!! I MISS THE TEMPLE :(
So I can greet many different people here in their native tongues and it is SO confusing sometimes. Haha.
Oh I learned how to play cricket! It's pretty cool actually. :P haha. I have gotten wayyy better at soccer here. I am usually put in the keeper spot for a half then sent up top to score in the second. :P My companion is super good at soccer and whacks everyone when he gets the ball.
So this week we went on splits a lot cause Elder Zsembery had knee surgery. We had to drive one car to the area to pick up a ward missionary then drive back and get the other car and drive back to the area and do it all again only opposite of that when we go back for the night. Missionaries can't drive alone and so that was the best solution. Our boarding is about 15 minutes one way. Soooooo you can do the math.
We met some people this week that showed me what the gospel can do for their lives....The gospel CAN change people. I have seen people take enormous steps in their lives this week. I got to work with an RM (returned missionary), named Lindani Ndlovu. He is now the Elders Quorum president and I got to do splits (visits), with him. He served a mission in JoBerg (Johannesburg, Justin worked with him). When he got home, his parents who are not members, wouldn’t support him. This guy is soooooooo solid in the faith though. I love that guy. So we were in a discussion when we asked this man if he wanted this message to bless his life...He paused and looked at us seriously and then said Yes....I would really like that. I'm soooo used to people taking this message lightly that I was like....WHAAAAA????It was soooooooooo cool :)
So Ngiyanithanda kakhulu!! Salenikahle!! I love and miss you alllll sooo much stay well!
Elder Petrie
PS I don't think I can Skype one has computers. I have to start taking pictures of my area so you can see the living conditions of these people. Haha. It will change your whole outlook on life :P

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