Monday, April 13, 2015

Elder Petrie's Birthday Email, 2015!

I'm going to have quite a happy birthday tomorrow visiting people and what not...and you guys made it special...thanks! No, no package yet but it's alright. It’ll come haha :) I still need to send mine :P haha
This week I have some nice and not so nice stories. FIRST we were going around last night and we visited this sister that was pregnant (really pregnant) well, we went in and I asked....Sister H. how are you?! She labor. I was like....OH! haha So we sat a while then let her rest for her "marathon” as she calls it haha. She was delivering at home and I think we'll stop by tonight to see how it all went. But another story.....So we had no electricity for church woohoo!  hahaha :0
Today we’ve already been to this place and a guy approached my companion and they talked for a long time. Turns out he was looking for some truth. Wow did he find it! neh? hahaha Also this week we had a disappointment when this family didn't come to church.....only to find they didn't come because there pastor told them not to.......EISH I feel bad when others, especially leaders, tell them what to believe and really leading them in the wrong direction!!! Eish. But on a happier note, I really had a wonderful week full of missionary stuff.
We also went to this ma's house and she taught us how to make some nice food while we were talking with this guy we are teaching! It was fun. Church was nice on Sunday, B. is in the Gospel Doctrine class now at Sunday school…She also cut my hair, which makes her super successful in hair cutting now. haha. Also we talked to her mother and set an appointment and a time to help in her beautiful huge garden. Wow it's nice haha. She's going to teach us a thing or two neh? haha But other then that I'll have a nice week this week I think :) I love you all very much!!! LOVE YOU!!!! 
Elder W. Clay Petrie

P.S. HEY!!!!! :) Eish ma thanks soooooo much for the pictures :) I REALLY enjoyed them...please tell them I said thank you!

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