Monday, April 20, 2015

Working on Travel Arrangements!

Got the birthday package....THANK YOU MOM!!! I love you :) ! I WAS HEART ATTACKED!!!!! :) I loved it neh?!  I enjoyed all the comments on all the hearts the most yo :) hahahaha  
‪HELLLLLLER!!!! They are working out my travel arrangements now.......:)
General Conference for us is this weekend.
Speaking of temples, going to the temple is one of the first things I want to do when I get home!!!! :)
Nice to hear about Red Mountain (Rugby)!!! Hope they can pull through to you know the score?! Yo is the touch rugby world cup happening?!?! I wish I could have gone.
Hey so this week was crazy...I'll start on a happy note then end sad....sound good? haha ok so I went to Sister B. mother this week. We helped her with her VAST garden! YO! It was hard work but really fun :) I got all dirty which is always fun :) Also I was able to help bless the sacrament this past Sunday, and also give a talk. So I gave a talk, but as well I got to hear a WONDERFUL talk! It was all about not casting our confidence away and trusting that we are children of God even like when Moses was tested by satan and he said, "Moses though son of man" when Moses was like....ummmmmm who the heck are you?! I'm a son of GOD! haha it was sweet! :) Anyways....We also tracted in the rain...(take it as happy or sad that's my transition......hahaha)
So! We have been having some attacks here in Durban called Xenophobia....*(You can Google SA Xenophobia to learn more about this)!  I have shed tears and prayed much for these people that I LOVE...Please pray for peace in South Africa...
OK, on a happy note to end...I Love you all!!!!!!!
Have a great week!
Elder Petrie

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