Monday, February 9, 2015

Making the Most of it!

Yea it's a melting pot here!
That's great to hear about Jon too! 
I'll miss Pres. Laney :( DANG!!! I'm glad that they're going on their mission though! It's sweet!!! 
So my week was good! We have been WORKING and it's sooooo hot here. We walk a LOT now...Going house to house trying as hard as we can....Most of the time.....ends with nothing but a sweat soaked shirt haha Oh well :) Yea so we have been working with MANY people from the township but also working with a part member family....the husband knows the bible very well....well enough that he agrees with most of the doctrine because he knows it's true but we'll see what the Lord will do with him as we try!! I hope for the best.....never expecting the worst.
Anyways......I've learned some great things this week. We need to let others exercise agency but as well correct with love if we need to.
By the way....there is this guy in my branch that sounds like king Julian from Madagascar movie....he has great sayings :P One is, " We aren't suppose to judge, but we can see darkness in people....." hahahahahhahahaha Funny guy. Anyways...I love you! :) Have a great week!!!
Elder Petrie

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