Monday, February 16, 2015

Happy Valentine's!

I hope Caleb is having a great time being home... I love that guy! ;) My companion (now) reminds me a lot of him haha :) Steven is coming home too! I was thinking about that! Hope you'll be able to attend his talk!
So we have had quite the week here! Working in the township....walking in heat.....working at the hospital (we volunteer at the pharmacy) it's actually really cool! They get to know us and we have had a great time with the wonderful people there. There was a dear brother who needed help that went to the hospital and out of all the places to send him the workers sent him to us at the church because of our relationship with them.
So for Valentine’s Day we just did normal work but I wore a tie with red to give a little bit to the festivities. haha We also made a cake with a mom...She is soooooo dear to me.....and I can say it's mostly because the love the Lord has put into my heart. I love that :)
Also this week we talked with our President. He finally broke off the relationship that I had with the area uLundi...He told me it won't happen in "our" missions....but I least we got to do all we could neh. Eish it's tough to accept though :(
I also got to speak with Mathebula too! I love that guy! He just called and I answered. He only speaks to me in Zulu now ;) haha it’s nice. When I'm home I'm sure he'll continue to give me opportunities to speak it. :)
Well Mama I love you very much! But I'm going to go play some TOUCH RUGBY!!! YAYAYAYAYAYA!!! :) haha Have a nice week!
P.S. my ankle is swollen from some activities that may or may not be due to working out....but I'm playing anyways ;) Don't act like you're surprised! :P hahaha Love you!!!
Elder Petrie

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