Monday, February 2, 2015

A Melting Pot!

SO a few things to explain about the area I am serving in now....there is a branch in a township that is far from town, but it has 9 members so we are trying to build up that area also....It is a nice place and is very big and could become another area...Some people here are convert Christians, but the majority are Hindu. They also speak English. It's basically the only language they know but it is broken! haha I am learning a little of their two oldest languages....Tamal(sp) and Hindi. It's nice...I’ve got the greetings down and my Zulu is still getting better :) haha I work in the township here MOST of the time....there are all types of people here!
I hope you have a GREAT week! :) LOVE YOU!!!!
Elder Petrie

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