Monday, December 1, 2014

Study the words of Isaiah

Hey mom!!! Don't worry about sending Christmas stuff....ummmm I might get uh something.....Tell everyone don't worry about it :P haha
I would feel like I was cheating you all if I didn't continue to urge you all to study the words of Isaiah.....I have learned SOOOOO much!
So mama wami I was thinking about you all sooooo much over Thanksgiving but guess what, next year . . . I'm there ;) haha I have missed you all too and I will miss no more. :) Hahaha My clothes and shoes and things are starting to show wear and tear, haha,  but it'll last me :)
So this week was nice. We had a meeting with President and saw the couples....doesn't happen much. :/ But our area is moving a little slow now because of some things that happened, but everything is fine just eZakheni for you..... Umm, my beloved brother/companion is going home next week and I'm going to be VERY sad. I've been with him for over 4 months..... My Zulu brother is leaving :( But he is ready and has done a great job....everyone will miss him.
So today we had to spend most of the day fixing our shower because the tub had some kind of a leak beneath it.....Wow....there were like organisms living there like mold and stuff so we had to clean that out and what not...YAY! “P” day was FUN! :) haha Psych, but it'll be alright.
 I'm glad you all got to meet at the Mesa temple lights! :)
So we decorated for Christmas this week with the decorations from last year and Brother and Sister Herrington saw it and were like, " guys beat us even on decorations....we just stuck a tree on the table..." hahaha We went all out ya know....tinsel on the ceiling and fan and what not :P Bells in the hallway and Merry Christmas penguins dancing around the walls. Oh, and pictures from my family and friends :) Yep :) hahaha Side I'm starting to be a really good cook if I do say so myself....Well, I love you and I hope you have a great week! I'll talk to you soon! 25 days ;) Love you!!!!! :)
Elder W. Clay Petrie

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