Monday, December 8, 2014

Sawubona mngani wami!!! Unjani?

Hahahahaha Merry Christmas to me. :) I’ll show you what I got another time :) hahaha Anyways........haha I won't see the Christmas Devotional because we usually don't get it here....Oh well, but we have a Christmas party this week and I'll be performing some African things :) haha 
Yea so my brother, Elder Mathebula, completed his mission and went home.....4 1/2 months of great memories....THAT was the hardest goodbye I have had on my mission....He called me right before he left for home today but I guess that he is with his mama right now and she is VERY happy to have her son back...I may hear from him later :) As well, I am getting Elder Mbusi. He is a Xhosa (yes a click) and he is from the southern part of South Africa. I'm glad, but tonight are transfers and I get to stay up all night running people in the district to and from the bus 2 am in the morning :( There goes my sleep haha eish.
So I prepared to send a picture today but these computers don't have the appropriate connections.... :/ Oh well. Anyways...I think I could live in a township forever to tell you the truth....pretty sure that heaven will be one big township because everyone will know everyone and be like WOAH!!!!! Hey how are you!!! Every time you pass....but they will be speaking Zulu cause it's the language of heaven :) Ezulu is heaven so isizulu is the language of heaven ;) haha so you guys are WAYYYY behind! You better learn ;) When you pass the angels will be like Sawubona mngani wami!!! Unjani and you'll be like...wha?? hahah :) Just kidding....kind of ;) hahah Well, I love you all VERY much :)
Elder W. Clay Petrie

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