Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Feeling the Spirit and loving it!

THANKS FOR DISTRIBUTING THE PACKAGE! Did the monkey hand and face make it?? If so! Have Dad treat them! He can hang it in his truck for the time being if he wants hahahah ;) I'm glad you all enjoyed the stuff! Just know that those things are a symbol of who I am now and part of me.....hahahahahahaha just kidding! It's just cool African stuff!
So this week was nice...on P day we went to braai (BBQ), a goat we slaughtered, but we also had some trouble with the police. The other Elders car did not have proof of insurance (though it was insured), so the police "arrested the Elder driving hahahah it was super funny cause I was talking with the Police in Sesotho the whole time :P hahaha We got things figured out...I was super glad I put our registration up though I was a little jealous of the Elder that got "arrested" haha The driving here is terrible all around though so I was surprised that they made a huge deal about all the stuff...
This week we were able to watch General Conference and it was SUPER amazing. So someone special attended! A sister we have been teaching that has been having dreams and stuff has finally come to church and what better time to come then conference!!! WOW! hahah It was sweet! She stayed and even watched some of the Priesthood session and members welcomed her and she LOVED IT! We saw her later that evening and we asked how she liked it. She started quoting from the conference and said it answered questions that she had been troubled about in her life and it was just TRUE! She is soooooo amazing! We asked about the Book of Mormon reading and it turns out she has been reading at least 2-3 pages a day and when she is at work...(she is a General Manager) she has everyone come and start the day with a prayer and end with a prayer!!!! WOWOWOWOWOW! So we let her set her own B date! :) I love this work! I have seen so many countless miracles that I have not mentioned and I will treasure them always as I will always treasure these people. I love them with all my heart! (The manly kind) :P haha Elder Allen is the perfect companion to be here with. We both have been trying to exercise our trust in the Lord more and le bona? The work just goes amazingly!!!
Well I love this work everyone :) Have a great week and I will talk to you in 2 weeks ish (less than that!) haha and also Elder Allen’s family!!! Thanks for the birthday letter! That was awesome!!! We got mail while we were waiting at the "jail" (not really looking like a jail but a farm.) and it brightened what seemed like a wasted p day.  Have a great week!!!
Elder Petrie

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