Monday, April 21, 2014

Nine Months in Africa!

Hello!!!! Easter was nice but nothing too special happened besides what seemed like an added measure of the spirit.
So to answer your question, the last lesson we taught was to a recent convert and we taught him about the temple.
We just had a zone conference about becoming a completely consecrated missionary and to tell you the truth...I have to repent. I have to change. I have to give it my ALL and not just the time that we are required but really EVERYTHING! Every ounce of energy I have is to be used for the work.  WOW! That’s a big thing! :P Haha    
Our boarding is nice. Its right next to the other missionaries so there are 4 of us. We have to fetch water from their boarding though, cause ours is terrible. Haha
In answer to your question of what we eat, we have meat sometimes and we have rice and we have bread and peanut butter. It's nice :) We make most the food ourselves.
I’m sorry I can't send any pictures home because the flash drive I had is lost and I can't send any from my card because the internet and places here are also bad…soooo maybe wait till I am in South Africa? Sorry :('s a problem sometimes.
So this week we didn't have much time. We went to South Africa for a zone conference and I got to see many of my friends and we were able to sit at our Presidents feet and listen to the words he taught. This conference really has helped me to change. AND! We got McDonalds!!!!!!! It was great!!! :) We also helped a man and his family this week. They needed us to plow with them using our spades...but when we got there he said change of plans....I need to work in my fields so we went to his fields and cut grass, a very primitive way haha literally....African. Along with us not having much time this week, many people were gone visiting families for the Holiday.
Well, I can't wait to hear you all soon on Mother’s day!  Love you all! Have a nice week!
Elder Petrie

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