Monday, April 14, 2014

Happy 20th Birthday Elder Petrie!

Hello!! :)
I think I am going to get myself another Basotho blanket for my birthday :P BUT HEY!!!! THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE BIRTHDAY SONG!!!! I love you! :)
I know Elder Goodwin!!! I like that guy! He was a good guy!
No you don't need to send anything for the water....I am used to it now and I can get around. hahaha  
Soooo this week was very nice besides the fact that I'm OLD…20!
We just helped out doing some service, then Elder Allen chased a goat...hahah oh man. How we amuse ourselves in Lesotho...But I will say, it was the most amusing thing I've seen in a while haha.
We actually have had some AMAZING experiences! The Lord realized we were having some of those “Missionary lows,” so he sent us some amazing experiences!!! This week we went to see a lady that we hadn’t seen for a while and when we were teaching she asked if we could interpret dreams....we answered sure, we’ll try! haha So she explained that her parents were telling her in her dream to "come on, let’s go!" She said her Dad in a previous dream was dressed in white....I can tell you I was so happy when I heard this I couldn't speak! We eventually were able to explain it to her. Wow....It just opened her eyes. And then another investigator we have been teaching randomly came to church and said she felt something inside of her that was so strong! Like she couldn't contain it...We explained we have been waiting for her to feel of the Spirit! She was soooooo happy!
This week we have also enjoyed many great laughs and jokes......Mister Elder Allen is the coolest guy around these here parts. We practice our deep southern accents every once in a while cause we both sound weird with our not American but not African accents. Though here we are often mistaken for South Africans...But in the small world of Lesotho...if you aren't from're South African ;) hahaha I love it here and the work. We have been working with the young single adults lately and even hosted an activity for them using flour bombs, egg toss, and 3 legged races and all that jazz.... :P haha Guess who had to buy the panty hose used for making flour bombs........Elder ALLEN! :) hahaha He did it without ANY fear and the women at the checkout were laughing as he explained what we were going to do with it :P hahaha Yep! Well, have a good week everyone! I love you!
A 20 year old Elder Petrie

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