Monday, May 5, 2014

Cino de Mayo in Lesotho...NOT! answer to your question, yes, we do have a sink. The only problem is the power goes out sometimes. It's actually a nice place though.
Elder Allen and I will be parting probably next week for transfers and it will be pretty dang sad. Eish. I'm going to miss that guy a lot! I will look forward to seeing him on mission and at home though that's still a long ways away..
This week we have been working pretty hard but with little results. However, one meme came to church when she had a swollen foot and walked the whole way! That was a miracle. I really look up to some of these people! Another cool thing that happened was a woman was pushing a wheel barrow and we got out and helped her and later were able to teach her a lesson that was SUPER nice! I think the Lord is just waiting to see how we do with the little chances we have so that He can allow the work to pick up when we endure it, cause right now it's SLOW! haha We are still trying hard though! When I see others that aren't doing something, now I try to look immediately inward and I doing this? (Except for on the road; I just drive like everyone else to survive). haha The driving is flippin crazy!
Well, I'll talk to you on Saturday to set the time and try this calling stuff out. Love you all and have a nice week :) Sala Hantle!!! :)
Elder Petrie

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